When parents and teachers work together, we can encourage a child’s positive attitude towards school and lifelong learning. In doing so, I strongly believe that it is important to develop a safe and nurturing classroom environment where each student has the right to learn, and all students can and must behave appropriately. 



        * Show respect to yourself, your teacher and your peers

       * Be on time for class

       * Make positive choices and be responsible

       * Complete assignments to the best of your ability and on time

       *  Be honest 

       * Come prepared with the proper materials:

                1. MANY PENCILS!!! 

                2. A highlighter

                3. A few colored pens for correcting (NO blue or black!)

                4. TWO-- spiral notebook (70 sheets. Simple 25¢ notebook is perfect!)

                5. TWO-- 3-pronged plastic folders (any color, any design)

                6.  A pencil box/pouch with colored pencils or twistable crayons (optional)
                7. A hand sharpener (optional)
                8. A ruler (optional)  

               9. Earbuds (optional)         


    In order to create the best learning environment, we will be using the following “3 Strikes” discipline policy:

        1st offense: Warning

        2nd offense: Warning

        3rd offense: Student will receive an admin assigned lunch detention and parent is notified

    Severe behavior will result in immediate removal from the classroom and referral to the office. 




    Grades are weighted in both classes.

    Classwork/Homework is worth 20%

    Assessments are worth 45%

    Projects & Writing are worth 35%.


        Students are expected to complete and turn in assignments on time. Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise stated. Late homework will receive half credit if not turned in on the day it was due, and will not be accepted after one week. I do accept late projects up until the 6 week progress report; however, it automatically drops one grade. All assignments will be written on the board in the classroom. Students are supplied with a DMMS planner and are expected to copy down assignments from the board daily.



        Progress reports will be updated on Aeries every six weeks. Between progress reports, parents and students can check grades online.


        Please note that all incomplete/missing homework will negatively affect your child’s grade.  I urge you to be proactive in checking your child’s grades frequently. Utilize this tool! I try my best to keep grades updated. Do not wait until the last minute to discuss your child’s grade.


        Also, please keep in mind that it isn’t uncommon for a 6th grader to fall behind because parents believe once their child reaches middle school, he/she is “grown up” and can motivate him/herself. I have found that a middle school student still needs his/her parents’ continual support to be successful.   



    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. 

    I am looking forward to a successful and enjoyable school year!