*All students are expected to participate to the best of their ability during their P.E. period.

    *Middle School Policy: A student may be excused from total or partial participation for one to three days with a note of explanation from home. Each note is good for one day.

    *Middle School Policy: An excuse for more than three days must be signed by a nurse or doctor. A written sports packet will be given to the student to complete during class to earn their points for the day.

    *District Policy: If a student is suspended, the make up work is due upon return.


    If a student has difficulty following any P.E. Rules, they will deal with consequences such as being removed from the group/activity or other OCD such as detention or Saturday School. If the behavior persists, the student will document what happened and state how they can improve upon their choices in the future. Our goal is to teach students that they are ultimately in control of their choices. We will contact the parents any time behavior interferes with learning or seems to be signaling a deeper problem. This will give you and opportunity to talk the situation over with your child and help him/her make better choices. We actively teach students how to communicate with each other when feelings are hurt or misunderstandings occur.


     Physical Education Department Grading Policy

    Grades are not given; rather all students earn their grades. Each day of P.E. is worth 10 points. The daily grade will be determined by the following:


    Absence=minus 10 points (See make up work below)

    Failure to dress out=minus 10 points

    Effort= (teacher discretion) not to exceed 10 points

    Poor behavior= (teacher discretion) not to exceed 10 points

    Poor participation= (teacher discretion) not to exceed 10 points.

    Tardy= loss of 2 points


     It is the responsibility of the student to communicate, keep track of absences, and submit any make up work. One of the following items below can be turned in for full credit for any day missed. This is to be used for making up absences only, and not for making up points for any other reason. It is up to the teacher's discretion.

    -Create a sports collage with pictures and words relating to a sport. Must be larger

    than a piece of paper.

    -Writing a summary on a sports article, health topic, or nutrition article.

    -Turning in a healthy food recipe to the class that includes the ingredients and

    directions. Must be hand written.

    -Record and explain how you participated in a physical activity at home or after 

          school. Must be in paragraph form or bullet points listing the activities completed.

    -          Sports report. Must be at least one page in length

    - Record yourself doing a workout on FLIPGRID. https://flipgrid.com/8e3b8047

Last Modified on August 10, 2021