Physical education students are expected to be responsible for bringing their own PE uniform, socks, and tennis shoes. Students are encouraged to keep an extra pair of shorts and shirt in their locker as a back- up so they do not lose points if they forget to bring their clothes back from home. These clothes need to be solid school colors: Black, white, grey or red. Students who do not dress out appropriately will have consequences. All students not dressed appropriately for P.E. will walk the track for the P.E. period. According to MVUSD dress-code under inappropriate attire, non suits in P.E. are a dress-code violation. Parents will be contacted through email, phone or Aeries.



    School shorts and t-shirts are recommended and will be available during orientation and at the student store near the front office. Running shoes and back up clothes, in school colors, are also encouraged. Other suggested items are sunscreen, water bottles, and hats. Hats must be in solid, school colors red, black, white or grey. Hats and water bottles can be purchased through ASB. The PE Department will not loan clothes and students can not borrow clothes from other students.


    ****In accord with District and school policy, absolutely no camera phones, iPods, video equipment, or cameras are allowed in the locker rooms. Due to the possibility of  picture taking in the locker room, any student seen with a camera phone, iPod, video equipment or camera will have the device immediately confiscated and turned in to administration. There is a secure and locked area for all student to leave their backpacks and valuables.****


    Students must dress in P.E. clothes. Athletic or tennis shoes are considered part of P.E. uniform and are required. (For safety reasons, students who come to class wearing inappropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate.)

    -Tank tops are not allowed in P.E. class

                 - Sleeveless shirts are not allowed in P.E. class 
              - No altering of the P.E. shirt is allowed (examples include but are not limited to:                cutting out the neck or sleeves, fringing, altering the length, etc.) 

    -Cut off shorts are not allowed in P.E. class

    -Shirts may not be worn inside out in P.E. class

    -Leggings/Yoga pants/Spandex and biker shorts are not allowed in P.E. class

    -Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in P.E. class. Gages are not allowed to be worn. 

    Street clothes, dress jackets, casual jackets, flannels, sweaters, etc. are not allowed over or under P.E. clothes. Students may wear solid, school colored (red, black, white, grey) sweatshirts and/or sweatpants in cold weather.

    Socks are required.

    Shoes should be laced and tied so they will stay on their feet during activities.

    No Flip flops or slide on shoes allowed in P.E. 

    Students are encouraged to bring extra shorts and t-shirts as “back up clothes.” These clothes must be solid colored, black, white, grey or red.

    Lockers are distributed and assigned to individual students and are not to be shared at any time.

    If school locks are broken, lost or stolen, replacement locks must be purchased through ASB for $5. Only locks purchased from the school may be used on student lockers.




Last Modified on August 10, 2021