• Activities/Wishlist


    The following student activities occur throughout the school year through the Physical Education Department.

    Turkey Trot                            Spring Sprints

    Jog-a-thon                              Track Meet




    Thank you for considering contributing to the P.E. Department and your child's success!

    Cones                                                             Sponsorships

    Long Jump Pit                                              Wiffle golf balls

    Basketballs                                                   Badminton Birdies

    Soccer Balls                                                  Left Handed Golf clubs

    Footballs                                                       Hockey Nets

    Frisbees                                                         Easy Up Tents

    High Jump Poles/ Pads                                    Ball Pump

    Boom Box

    Portable Sound System

    Hula Hoops

Last Modified on March 9, 2017