• Frequently Asked Questions - Internships

    Student internships provide a unique educational experience for students to work in a career of interest. Internships are a semester, year-long or summer commitment between the student and a business in the Murrieta/Temecula area.

    Students are required to go through a formal hiring process including an application and interview.  To ensure all parties understand and agree upon the terms, expectations and responsibilities of the internship, the Internship Agreement must be read, agreed upon, and signed by the student, their parent or guardian and the high school principal. 

    What is an internship?

    The student internship will provide opportunities to work in an area business to learn career-related skills.  Students will be under the guidance of professionals in the field to gain real world experience.  Students will be provided training and opportunities to enhance their knowledge base and skill setInternship opportunities will vary from job shadowing to actual completion of projects depending on the field and length of the internship.


    How much time is involved?

    Student internships may vary from five to twenty hours per week based on the student's availability, business hours and the internship agreement.


    Are interns paid?

    Internships are non-paid.


    Who is responsible for transportation?

    Each student will need to arrange his/her own transportation to and from the worksite.


    What are the internship responsibilities?

     Internship responsibilities vary from job shadowing to project completion depending on the field and length of internship.


    What are the expectations of student interns?

     Students will be representing their high school, the Murrieta Valley Unified School District and the area business.  Students need to conduct themselves in a professional manner, behave and dress appropriately, be punctual, complete all internship tasks, be respectful and maintain a positive attitude at all times.


    Is there any financial cost to participate?  
    There will be no financial obligation except for personal transportation.


    How are interns evaluated?

     The business supervisor will oversee and assess the interns on an ongoing basis including workplace conduct and internship performance.  The business representative or supervisor has the authority to discontinue the internship at any time based on conduct and/or performance.


    What about liability and insurance?

     Since all internships are unpaid, injuries to MVUSD student interns while performing work as an intern are covered by the Murrieta Valley USD liability insurance, not the Business Partner’s workers’ compensation insurance.