• Media Protocol

    Public Information Officer:  Monica Gutierrez

    Office: (951) 696-1600 ext. 1022
    Fax:  (951) 304-1523
    District Support Center, 41870 McAlby Court, Murrieta, CA 92562

    All media inquiries regarding district matters should be referred to the Public Information Officer so responses can be coordinated with the appropriate administrators to ensure a unified response.  

    • As district spokesperson, responds to media inquiries and requests media coverage. 
    • Serves as the liaison between district personnel and the media 

    Getting News Coverage 

    When you believe you have a positive news story to share with the public, do not contact media yourself, contact the Public  Information Officer a week or two in advance of event you want to publicize. 

    • The Public Information Officer will work with you to gather information and determine how the news media should be contacted and what information should be conveyed.  
    • Reporters will want to know:   Who, What, Why, When and Where. 
    • Please do not contact reporters directly.  The Public Information Officer is the only district employee authorized to distribute media advisories, news releases or make requests for media coverage.  

    If the Media Calls You 

    • If you have contact with the news media, call Karen Parris as soon as possible.
    • If a member of the media calls, be courteous and professional.  How the call is handled may be the reporter's first impression of MVUSD and what you say may be reported in the news.
    • District policy is to refer all media inquiries to the Public Information Officer who can be reached via email or by phone at (951) 696-1600 ext. 1022. 
    • You do not have to answer questions on the spot.  Take the reporter's name, the name of their media outlet and phone number and inform them that the Public Information Officer will call them as soon as possible.

    If the Media Show Up 

    • If a member of the media wishes to attend a school event or function, they are asked to make arrangements in advance with the Public Information Officer who will coordinate the arrangements with the school site.    
    • If a member of the media arrives at a school site unannounced, contact the Public Information Officer immediately and a determination will be made as to whether it is advisable to allow media access to your site at that time.
    • Although MVUSD encourages site administrators to make every effort to accommodate the reasonable requests of legitimate news media for access to schools, school officials do have the authority to deny access when they believe the media's presence may be disruptive or interfere with classes or other school activities.
    Public Information Officer  Monica Gutierrez
    Office: (951) 696-1600 ext. 1022
    Mobile: (619) 738-2066

    District Support Center

    41870 McAlby Court
    Murrieta, CA 92562
Last Modified on November 15, 2019