Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I place an order?
      • Answer:
        1. Teacher submits completed fillable form to Sarah Pilapil for quote.  Include the site Secretary or Bookkeeper in the e-mail request.
        2. Sarah will respond to teacher and the site secretary/bookkeeper with quote for the print job.
        3. Principal and secretary/bookkeeper will approve.  Secretary/Bookkeeper sends back form with funding code to Sarah.  NOTE: No print job will be completed without approval or funding code.
        4. Sarah completes order and the items are delivered to the school.


    • What information do I need to provide for my order?
      • Answer:
        • Funding Code (From site secretary or bookkeeper)
        • Quantity
        • Black & White or Color
        • Due Date
        • Site for Delivery
        • Contact Information - VERY IMPORTANT, so we may reach out with questions in a timely manner.


    • How do I pay for the print job?
      • Answer: The Print Shop does not accept cash, check, or credit card.  Your site secretary or bookkeeper will provide a 22 digit "funding code" that pays for the printing with site funds.


    • How do I send my order?


    • How long does it take to print my job?
      • Answer: Once the order placement process is completed and the item is received by the print ship our goal is next day delivery.  Most small jobs will be completed next day while larger jobs may take extra days to complete.


    • What about delivery?
      • Answer: Delivery is free!


    • Can I place an order for personal items?
      • Answer: Unfortunately, the MVUSD Print Shop is a not for profit service.  Therefore we cannot accept personal payment, nor can we print items for personal use.


    Frequently Asked Questions will be added as the arise.  Keep them coming!