Publisher Requirements for Online Read Alouds

    With the unprecedented closures of many U.S. schools many publishers are temporarily allowing educators to read their books and stories aloud to students online.  Each publisher has their own set of parameters schools must follow to host virtual story times.  The parameters may include limitations on the platform posted to, duration of the posting, and notification requirements.
    It is each teacher's responsibility to ensure they have checked the requirements presented by the publishers to read stories and books virtually.   To make it easier for teachers to verify the book they would like to share with students is covered under the temporary relaxation of copyright rules  Ed Services has created a document listing the publishers who have granted read aloud rights.  
    Even in these constantly changing times educators must model proper digital citizenship to our students and follow copyright restrictions.  
    If you have questions please contact Shanon Lopez, District Teacher Librarian at slopez@murrieta.k12.ca.us .