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  • November 19th 3:30pm Stress Management for High Burnout Professions 

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    Program Overview: Situations like the current pandemic affect all of us, but no‐one more than those of us on the “front lines.” This course is especially designed to help employees and first responders deal with the stressors specifically associated with caring for others

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    December 2nd 3:30pm Coping with Anxiety Related to Returning to the Workplace  

    Join National EAP for the opportunity to speak directly to two licensed therapists about anxiety related to being back in the classroom. This session is a unique opportunity to learn from two professionals who have been supporting employees throughout the pandemic. Bring your questions and leave with a sense of optimism and hope. Register Now! 

    December 17th 3:30pm Dynamics of Change Managemen

    Change is stressful. Learning how to manage and cope with change is vital to your well-being in this ever changing world.  Even if the stress of change is unavoidable, you can learn how to deal effectively with change in the workplace and in your personal life.  Discover strategies and tactics that can help you cope with change and take charge of what can be controlled.  Register Now! 

    December 29th 3:30pm Sustaining Resilency 

    2020 has tested our resiliency in many ways. Join National EAP to learn how to strengthen your resiliency. Being conscious of the need to cultivate resiliency will help you grow and persevere in the months ahead. During this interactive seminar, you will identify the skills needed to sustain your resiliency. Register Now!

    January 6th 2021 3:30pm Cultivating Mindfulness

    Cultivating mindfulness amidst the chaos of this past year may seem like a lofty goal, but it is possible! During this live seminar, you will gain an understanding of mindfulness and learn tips and tricks for incorporating this practice into your daily life.  Register Now! 

     February 10th, 2021 3:30pm So, You Are Anxious, Now What? 

    Anxiety is a common and uncomfortable emotion. If you have been struggling with anxiety, we invite you to join us to learn coping skills for managing common symptoms of anxiety from two mental health professionals. We will be discussing simple practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you manage and reduce anxiety symptoms. Register Now! 

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    Conquering Fear & Anxiety Thursday, October 29, 2020 Play Recording