• Website Editing 

    School and teacher websites are the go-to place for parents and students looking for information.  

    Visitors to your website are looking for information. They want it on their desktops, on their laptops, on their tablets and on their smartphones.  So we need our content to be adaptive and display easily and effectively on any device or screen—with minimal pinching and zooming.

    About Apps & Layouts

    Choosing the right app or combination of apps and the right page layouts will help you provide your visitors with adaptive content that automatically responds to the type of device accessing the information and keep your pages fresh and engaging. 

    Apps are your content building blocks. Each app is designed to display in a way that is consistent with the type of content contained within the app.

    Adaptive apps 

    1. Heading App that provides you with a simple way to choose a heading at one of four levels
    2. Content App that provides you with a simple, clean mobile editing experience.
    3. Image App that allows you to easily add an image
    4. A searchable Staff Directory App

     Page types 

    1. Blank Page Type includes three new mobile-friendly apps
    2. Teacher Homepage Page Type includes a Heading App, a Content App, an Announcements App and an Upcoming Events App
    3. Department Homepage Page Types includes a Heading App, a Welcome Content App, a Contact Us Content App and a Link Library App 


    Manage Apps & Layouts

    Setting up a Teacher Section

  • School webmasters

    School webmasters have access to unlimited technical support. Email wcmsupport@blackboard.com or call (855) 742-5952.  

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    Janice Hewitson

    E. Hale Curran

    Lisa Licciardello

    Lisa Mails

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    Tory Wadlington

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    Martha Barron

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    Ken Williams

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    Shane Sanders


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