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    Our Mission

    The goal of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District Staff Development Program is to improve the quality of classroom instruction by increasing the skills and competence of all teachers, thereby improving educational opportunities for the district's students.

    Staff Development Opportunities and Resources

    Educational Services is pleased to provide both onsite and online professional development opportunities for MVUSD teachers.  Onsite training may take place during the summer, during the school day, or after school. Online training includes online workshops through our PowerSchool Learning Management System, webinars, and Alludo, our new system that integrates choice and "gamification" to support professional learning. 

    Access the section below to view the available onsite and online training sessions. All onsite and online professional development opportunities are dependent upon budget, trainer availability, site access, and enrollment. Please enroll knowing that the schedule may need to be altered:


    Many of the training opportunities are provided onsite, either at the Alta Murrieta Training Center or E. Hale Curran training room. We provide many paid sessions for certificated staff during summer or after school, or certificated sub-release time for sessions during the school day. Interested certificated staff can also request onsite training on any of the topics below at their sites. Access the 2018-19 Professional Development Schedule page for a list of onsite opportunities.

    Flipped Professional Development 

    A recent NEA article cited the value of "flipped" professional development through online training and workshops as an avenue for offering choice and convenience for teachers in pursuing professional learning opportunities. Educational Services is committed to providing these digital options for our certificated staff through our online workshops, webinars, and Alludo—our "gamified" PD system. 

    AlludoOur Alludo Learning system is a "gamified" approach to professional learning that provides choice for pursuing training options and rewards for completing training and documenting evidence of application of what was learned. Teachers earn badges as they complete various professional learning games in the system, and these can then translate to a variety of rewards and other incentives. Contact Linda Muhlhauser for more information about getting started with Alludo.

    Online Workshops: Most of our onsite training sessions, including our Elements of Effective Instruction modules, are also available as online workshops through our Haiku/PowerSchool Learning Mangement System. The trainings include multimedia presentations and online activities that support application of the new knowledge and skills developed through the workshop experience. Access the 2018-19 Professional Development Schedule page for a list of online EOEI opportunities. Starting in fall, 2019, we will also begin to offer credit-based online sessions.

    Webinars: We leverage the power of Zoom to provide live, online training webinars on a variety of topics. Staff members can participate from the comfort of their own classroom, homes...or virtually anywhere there is a Wifi connection! Teachers can participate from any computer that has sound, but can enhance their experience by utilizing a device with a camera and/or using a headset with microphone to be able to engage visually and verbally with the presenters and other participants. 

    New Teacher Immersion 

    The MVUSD New Teacher Immersion is designed to welcome and prepare all newly hired teachers to the district for success as they strive to meet the needs of the full range of learners in the classroom. The 3-day program includes presentations on several topics, as well as collaboration and goal-setting opportunities for participants.  Access the New Teacher Immersion page for the complete schedule of topics.

    Additional Programs Designed to Support New Teachers

    Additional Programs Designed to Support Experienced Teachers

    These programs operate under the auspices of the Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Joint Committee, a seven-member panel composed of three district administrators and four Murrieta Teacher Association representatives.

    MTA representatives

    • Virginia Cavasos - Thompson Middle School
    • Joe Freiberg - Murrieta Elementary School
    • Leslie Hahn -  Middle School Representative
    • Miranda Sather - Murrieta Mesa High School

    District representatives

    • Daniel Baldwin - Assistant Principal, Cole Canyon Elementary School
    • Rachel Duffy - Special Education Program Specialist
    • Leigh Lockwood - Director of Human Resources

    The Peer Assistance and Review Committee is expanded to thirteen members quarterly and serves as the district’s Teacher Induction Advisory Committee. The committee’s purpose is to oversee the district’s state accredited Induction program. The California Commission for Teacher Credentialing has approved the district’s plan, enabling new teachers with a preliminary credential to clear their credential over a two-year period.

    In addition to the identified Peer Assistance and Review Joint Committee members above, the addtional members include:

    Teacher Induction Advisory Committee non-voting members

    • Dr. Felix Kalinski Jr. - Manager, Community & Corporate Relations, Brandman University
    • David Albin - Induction Candidate Representative
    • Theresa Schneider- Induction Mentor
    • Sean McCarthy - Induction Program Director / Coordinator of Instructional Support
    • Sue Hall - Induction Program Coordinator / TOSA
    If you have any questions or concers regarding professional development, please contact Sean McCarthy at 951-696-1600 Ext. 2206 or Erica Franklin at Ext. 1028.

    How to Access and Navigate the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS):

    To access the Haiku LMS, click on the link below:
    Enter your district username, which is the same as you use to log on to your computer.  Submit a Helpdesk Request or Contact the Application Support Desk at 951/696-1600 ext. 1932 if your username is not working.
    Your password is your district password, the same as what you use to log on to your computer.  
    If you continue to have difficulty, or if you do not know your password.  Submit a Helpdesk Request or Contact the Application Support Desk at 951/696-1600 ext. 1932 if your username is not working.
    You will see that you are already a member of at least one class, How to Use the Haiku LMS.  This class is accessible from your list of classes on the "My Portal" on the left side of the home page.  
    For additional help, please view the tutorial below (please note that you may have to override social media if attempting to view the video below while on the district network):



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