• Child Welfare & Attendance - SARB

    Regular school attendance is widely recognized as a critical element in learning. The MVUSD views school attendance as a community concern. To that end, we utilize a team approach to reward and recognize students for good attendance, and to communicate high expectations for school attendance. However, the law recognizes student attendance as a parental responsibility.

    When a student develops a pattern of irregular attendance, including truancies, excessive tardies or early releases, and excessive excused absences, a school administration may refer that student and his/her family to the School Attendance Review Board. The School Attendance Review Board is a process that has as its purpose the support of parents in fulfilling their legal obligation to see that their children attend school regularly.

    By and large, the majority of students referred do improve their attendance. The SARB is usually successful in reaching agreements with parents to implement interventions that will support improved attendance. Occasionally, that is not the case. The Board then will refer such families to the Riverside County District Attorney's Office for mediation, a court appearance, or other sanctions.

    The Student Support department is responsible for conducting the SARB meetings and making necessary referrals to the district attorney.

Last Modified on January 24, 2022