• Students of the Year

    Each month Murrieta seniors are recognized for their academic achievement, character, love of learning, contribution to the community or the ability to persevere through difficult circumstances.  The students and their families attend a breakfast sponsored by numerous local businesses and students receive numerous gift certificates from community businesses along with certificates of recognition, congratulations and encouragement from local, county, state and federal dignitaries.      

    Students chosen as Students of the Month are eligible to compete for the honor of being named their school's Student of the Year.   Students of the Year receive a college scholarship to the college, university or trade school of their choice.  If you wish to learn more about the Student of the Month Program, please contact Sally A. Myers, Founder at (951) 506-8024. 
    • 2017/18 Students of the Year  Erika Moe, Anisa Fontes, Sarah Thompson, Zachary Thomas, Sirenmarie Cruz, Danielle Shores & Christine Longenecker
    • 2016/17 Students of the Year  Nandeeni Patel, Natalie Lopez, Isaac Cunalata, Megan Everts, Adam Schwab, Lakeisha Stanford and Shane Alayvilla
    • 2015/16 Students of the Year  Paige Knickerbocker, Jessica Kim, Mili Patel, Micah White, Woody Gotz, Morgan Edwards, and Alexzandra Nagelvoort 
    • 2014/15 Students of the Year Serena Hughes, Tiffany Escorcia, Christina Madalo, Nida Zahid, Amie Garcia, and Curtis Hohl 
    • 2013/14 Students of the Year Austin Harcarik, Ashley Keistler, Jaclyn Keimi Fuji, Nicole Harmer, Kezia Cunalata, Princess Joy Jolly and Mia-Kyla Coronel
    • 2012/13 Students of the Year Annika Backlund, Haley Cressler, Amanda Do, Casey Joe, Haley Soto, Nick Stevens and Isamar Zambrano
    • 2011/12  Students of the Year  Kathryn Clark, Cody Downs, James Jesperson, Gabriela Lumagui, Emily Minor, Kelsey Mobley, Erika Reddish & Ryan Talamante 
    • 2010/11 Students of the Year  Lyndsay Davies, Erial Finley, DeVon Graves, Meagan Hennessy, Joshua Lam and Brooke McCandless. 


Last Modified on June 13, 2018