• PLUS Program

    Peer Leaders Uniting Students (PLUS) is a district-wide program that started at Murrieta Valley High School and spread to District middle and elementary schools. PLUS seeks to utilize the knowledge, experience and influence of kids to help other kids using a team philosophy.

    PLUS also provides a foundation and framework to help students incorporate Developmental Assets into their lives by giving students a practical way to develop the 40 Developmental Assets.
    • PLUS provides peer support for a variety of student groups and needs,
    • PLUS brings about positive changes in individual students' behavior, and
    • PLUS opens up communication, leading to the peaceful solution of conflicts and issues that affect students at school.

    The PLUS goal is to help every Murrieta student develop caring, genuine relationships with adults and other students. Through those relationships, Developmental Assets can be built

    PLUS is a powerful proactive program that gives schools the framework and guidelines to develop the 40 Developmental Assets in all students.

    PLUS Teams

    A variety of PLUS teams and activities give District schools the flexibility to organize teams that will meet their specific needs.

    Student Forums
    Forums are the central focus of the PLUS teams. The PLUS Team serves as facilitators for group discussion and activities between a selected group of students from a variety of backgrounds on campus. Students are put through interactive discussions and activities in an effort to break down the walls and misconceptions. The forums serve as a means for students to develop an understanding of who people are rather than letting a label define them. 
    Middle School Forums
    High School PLUS team travel to District elementary and middle schools to facilitate the Student Forums.
    Link Crew
    A freshmen transition program that connects upper class students with incoming freshmen in an effort to ensure a smooth transition into high school. The partners continue their contact throughout the freshmen's first year. Link Crew Captains are responsible for communicating with upper classmen and implementing lunchtime and after-school activities for freshmen.
    Freshmen Orientation
    The PLUS team and Link Crew are responsible for the incoming freshmen orientation and activities, events designed to ease the freshness' transition into high school.
Last Modified on June 28, 2011