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    Visual and Performing Arts Resources for Teachers and Students: https://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/site/default.aspx?PageID=35052 

    Greetings From Teaching Artists During COVID-19: https://youtu.be/41405sqtqZE  

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    Secrets of the Heart TV features standards-based educational contents including arts, language, culture, and social-emotional learning : Secrets of the Heart

    Through the district's Horizons Unlimited program local teaching artists, and teaching specialists, often work directly in classrooms to connect their talents and passions within classroom experiences.  From the progressive sing-alongs in kindergarten, ballroom dancing, Shakespeare, comedy, cartooning, to upper grade level performance-based opportunities, students are seeing the possibilities for positive self-expression through the visual and performing arts. Their future horizons, are unlimited.  

    In the Murrieta Unified Unified School District, connecting artists and district teaching specialists in the arts, within local site experiences, fosters and develops positive connections across multiple disciplines.  

      • TK: Sing Along, Music Connections Program, Hip Hop Dancing, Movement Class (6 weeks)
      • TK and Kindergarten: Hip Hop Dancing & Orff Schulwerk Music (6 weeks)
      • Kindergarten: Music Connections Program, Sing-A-Long, Movement Class
      • First Grade: Music Connections Program, Music Appreciation Jazz, Musical Theater, Opera, and Classical Music and Musical Theatre culminating in a show
      • Second Grade: Ballroom Dancing culminating in a show, Art History
      • Third Grade: Music Connections Program, 3rd Grade Recorder @ Selected Sites, Cartooning, Hip Hop Dancing.
      • Grades 3 – 5: Poetry, Improv, Drama, Ballet Folklorico, Spoken Word Poetry, and Shakespeare
      •  and Visual Arts
      • Fifth Grade:  Band
      • Grades 4-5: Cultural Dance Salsa, Hip Hop, Line Dancing
      • Middle, High School, Adult Transition, and Canyon Academy:  Music Connections Program & SDC Choir/Music “Legato”  (Semester/Full Year)
      • Our Town: This program brings our community members into the classroom to teach the cultural arts. 

    To see upcoming performing arts events, check out the Performing Arts calendar on the district website.  Click here to access this year's schedule for the Horizon's Unlimited program.     

    Teaching Artists / Resident Teaching Artists 

    young ballet folklorico dancers
    1. Dani Arribere teaches singing to TK and kindergartners. 
      1.  Greetings from Miss Dani:Sing Along   
      2. Sing Along: Lesson 1
    2. April Vidal teaches Movement Class to TK and kindergarten classes.
      1. Greetings from Miss April
      2. Lesson 1. Stretching
      3. Lesson 2 Ballet
      4. Lesson 3 Ballet
      5. Lesson 4 Hip Hop
      6. Lesson 5 Jazz, Part 1
      7. Lesson 6 Jazz, Part 2
    3. Wendy Fremin teaches the Orff-Schulerk Music Program to K-1, and SPED.
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Fremin
      2. Music Lesson 1 
    4. Gina Ross teaches Kindergarten Orff-Schulwerk Music Program.
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Ross
    5. Mason Idler teaches Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Hip Hop
      1. Greetings from Mr. Mason
      2. Hip Hop: Lesson 1
      3. Hip Hop: Lesson 2 
    6. Barbara Chiofalo teaches Musical Theatre for 1st grade and Musical Theatre Club, 3-12.
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Chiofalo
      2. "Annie"
      3. Choreography
    7. Arlene Yates teaches "Our Town" for 3rd graders. 
      1. Cultural Arts: Africa. (grade 3)
      2. Cultural Arts: Japan. (grade 3)
      3. Mindy Mermaid. (Grades TK-2)
      4. Haja Picks Apples (Grades TK-2)
      5. Introducing Haja (Grades TK-2)
      6. Haja Plays Basketball (Grades TK-2)
      7. WINGS (Grades TK-2)
      8. Welcome To China (Grades TK-3)
    8. John Edward Clark teaches Intro to Music, 1st, Improv, 3rd, and Shakespeare, 5th.
      1.   Greetings from Mr. Clark
    9. Cindy Droubi teaches Art History, 2nd, and Drawing, 3rd-5th. 
      1. Greetings from Miss Cindy 
      2. Art Lesson 1
      3. Kandinsky: Video
      4. Animated Kandinsky
      5. Share your artwork with Miss Cindy: Share 
      6. Miss Cindy's Youtube
    10. Brian Manning teaches Cartooning to 3rd graders and SPED students.
      1. Greetings from Mr. Brian
      2. Ninja Skunk
      3. Sharkelephant
      4. ZombieChikin
    11. Teacher on Special Assignment, Dr. Thomas Garvin teaches Recorders, Choir, Orff-Schulwerk, and K-ATP SPED students. 
      1. Dr. Garvin's Website
    12. Resident Teaching Artist, Tim Tikasingh teaches Recorders, Choir, and Orff-Schulwerk Music Program.
      1. Mr. Tikasingh's website
    13. PJ Ebba teaches Hip Hop to TK, kindergarten, and 3rd grade students.
      1. Greetings from Mr. PJ
      2. Hip Hop: Lesson 1
    14. Jay Quade teaches Hip Hop to Tk, Kindergarten, and 3rd grade students.
      1. Greetings from Mr. Jay
    15. Jeanette Labella teaches Cake Decorating to 3rd grade students. 
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Labella (Cake Decorating Lesson)
    16. Rob Crisell teaches Poetry, 3rd-5th grade, and Shakespeare, grades 5-12. He also teaches at the Murrieta Summit, ATP.
      1. Hamlet
      2. How Not to Hate Shakespeare
      3. Merchant of Venice
      4. A Message to Mrs. Levin's 3rd Grade Class
      5. A Poem by Rudyard Kipling
      6.  Poetry: Lesson 1 How to Read and Write Poetry
      7. Poetry: Lesson 2 The Power of Poetry
      8. Poetry: Lesson 3 The Purpose of Poetry
      9. Poetry: Lesson 4 How to Analyze a Poem 
      10. Poetry: Lesson 5 How to Write a Bad Poem
      11. Poetry: Lesson 6 Analyzing Student Poetry
    17. Marlynne Cooley teaches Spoken Word Poetry to 3rd-5th graders, and 6-12th as well.
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Cooley
      2. Spoken Word Poetry: Lesson 1 - Sunshine
      3. Spoken Word: Lesson 2 - Peaceful
    18. Jennifer Bonneteau teaches Visual Arts, 4th grade, and Art History, 2nd grade.
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Jen
    19. Yolanda Serrano teaches 3rd grade, Cultural Arts, "Our Town".
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Serrano
      2. My Mexico: Lesson 1
    20. Julie Yant teaches 3rd grade, Cultural Arts, "Our Town". 
      1. Greetings from Mrs. Yang
    21. David Chavez teaches Ballet Folklorico and Art History.
      1. Ballet Folklorico Lessons 

    "Our Town"

    Arlene Yates teaches the Italian culture and living in a big city like Los Angeles versus living in Murrieta. Activity: Sing along in Spanish.

    Our Town: Lady Arlene

    Cindy Droubi teaches the Lebanese culture. Activity: Making hummus.

    Irv Michlin teaches the Jewish culture in New York. Activity: Creating a memorial.

    Julie Yang teaches the Korean culture. Additivity: Creating a fan.

    Yolanda Serrano teaches the Mexican culture. Activity: Learning Spanish.

    Sebrina Glascoe teaches the African American culture. Activity: Creating Dashikis.                  

     Teaching Artist: Sebrina Glascoe Teaching Artists: Julie Yang and Arlene Yates

    Meet the Author:

    Secondary Grades Author: Rob Crisell - The Zoo of Impossible Animals.                           Primary Grades Author: Arlene Yates 

    Rob Crisell                                             Arlene Yates