• Our Mission

    To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, to care.

    The Board of Trustees adopted the final Strategic Plan on March 22, 2007, following an eight-month strategic planning process. During that process, Board Trustees and Senior Cabinet administrators developed a draft mission statement, beliefs, focus and directions to define and guide the future of Murrieta Valley Unified School District. District employees, students, parents and community members gave us their feedback and suggested changes on the draft Strategic Plan. Of the 750 people who completed an on-line survey, 94% expressed support for the mission statement and 96% supported the belief statements and directions.


    • Our primary responsibility is student learning.
    • Equal opportunity for a quality education is a cornerstone of a free democratic society.
    • Optimal learning is possible when the community shares a commitment to students and their success.
    • Integrity and fiscal responsibility are essential values to the health and vitality of the district in achieving its educational mission.
    • Parental support and involvement is necessary for students' optimum success in education.
    • Articulated and sequential programs best meet the needs of diverse learners.
    • Student physical, mental, social and emotional health is integral to learning.
    • Students, parents and staff can best realize their full potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect, caring, and understanding.
    • Results are best achieved when parents, students, staff and the Governing Board hold themselves accountable for decisions, actions and student learning.
    • A quality education system results in students who think critically, work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and act ethically.
    • Students learn best when their interests, passions and talents are engaged in relevant learning experiences.
    • A world-class education, integrating academic and vocational skill mastery, prepares students for the challenges, opportunities and careers of a competitive global society.
    • Effective use of technology creates more powerful instructional systems and enables students to communicate and compete in a global environment.
    • A well-rounded education provides students with varied learning opportunities that include curricular and co-curricular offerings.
    • Students and staff function best in a safe and secure environment with quality facilities.
    • A premier educational environment requires exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff supported by effective professional development, competitive compensation, and personnel practices that attract and retain quality employees.
    • An appreciation for the importance of cooperation, the merits of healthy competition and individual challenge are necessary for achievement.


    Service And Commitment To Every Student, Every Day.

    Strategic Directions

    • Integrate rigorous, relevant, and sequential academic and vocational curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices to meet the needs of our 21st century students.
    • Provide educational programs and services that support each student in identifying and making healthy choices.
    • Develop safe and secure campuses through the implementation of security practices that include disaster preparedness and the development of related technological systems.
    • Design and/or expand technology systems and facilities to effectively meet student and staff needs in a 21st century environment.
    • Provide connections with the community to achieve strong partnerships to benefit student learning.
    • Provide services and support systems to assist all students, including diverse, gifted, and at-risk learners, to attain academic success.
    • Explore and implement practices that vigorously engage parents in partnership with staff and students to foster excellence in achievement.
    • Ensure fiscally responsible and efficient use of public resources to equitably support student learning.
    • Provide systematic professional development opportunities for all employees that promote continuous improvement of relevant knowledge, and skills.
    • Implement activities and programs that encourage student development of character, integrity and respectful citizenship.
    • Promote student participation in visual and performing arts, athletics, and other co-curricular activities.
    • Encourage and acknowledge creative thinking and approaches to learning by students and staff alike.
    • Recruit and retain exceptional teachers, administrators, and staff through competitive compensation and quality personnel practices in a culture of mutual respect.

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