• Elementary School Counselors


    Temeca L Green -Elementary School Counselor Monte Vista Elementary School
    Tamara Dewey, M.A. -Elementary School Counselor Rail Ranch Elementary School (951)708-1366
    Melissa Hacker, M.A. -Elementary School Counselor Cole Canyon Elementary (951) 696-1421 2690
    Ashley Kruger, M.S. -Elementary School Counselor E. Hale Curran Elementary School 858-304-0124
    Teresse Lewis, M.S.W. -Elementary School Counselor Murrieta Elementary School (951)696-1401 2383
    Leilani Richardson, M.A. -Elementary School Counselor Antelope Hills Elementary 765-330-KIDS
    Jodi Spoon Sadlon, M.A. -Elementary School Counselor Lisa J. Mails Elementary School and Tovashal Elementary School (951)304-1880 3484
    Felipe Zanartu, M.S. -Elementary School Counselor Avaxat Elementary School 209-245-TALK


     Elementary School Counselors 

    Tamara Dewey

    Tamara Dewey, Rail Ranch  Elementary 

    Tamara graduated from Murrieta Valley high School and she earned her Bachelor of Science from Cal State University Fullerton and her Masters in Educational and Clinical Counseling along with her PPS Credential from Azusa Pacific University. Tamara completed her internship in the Murrieta Valley U.S.D. After her internship she worked at Oak Grove Institute where she gained valuable knowledge and experience working in the residential program. 


    Melissa Hacker

    Melissa Hacker, Cole Canyon Elementary

    Melissa earned her Bachelor of Science from University of Phoenix and a Masters in Educational and Clinical Counseling with a PPS credential from Azusa Pacific University. She completed her school counseling  internship with Murrieta Valley during the 2013-14 school year and following that became a School Counselor for the San Jacinto Unified School District. Before working as a school counselor, she was a teacher in the field of Child Development for 11 years. 

    Ashley Kruger

    Ashley Kruger, E. Hale Curran Elementary 

    Ashley Kruger is thrilled to be the school counselor at E. Hale Curran! Ashley earned her B.S. in Psychology and Social Behavior and Criminology, Law and Society from University of California Irvine. She then continued to receive her Master's degree in School Counseling from San Diego State University. Ashley believes that elementary school is the time in which students begin to explore the world independently and create an identity. As a counselor, she plans to encourage students’ to identify their skills and interests and develop future goals and aspirations. She believes that in order for a student to be a successful learner at school, their social and emotional needs must be met. Ashley is excited to develop relationships with the students, parents and Murrieta community and hopes to provide a positive educational experience for all. 

    Therese Lewis

    Teresse Lewis, Murrieta Elementary

    Teresse Lewis earned her B.A from Vanguard University and her M.S.W from University of Southern California. She also holds a PPS credential in school social work. Teresse currently serves Monte Vista Elementary School and Murrieta Elementary School. Her background includes over 8 years of providing therapy and behavioral interventions for children and families in both outpatient and community based settings. Teresse specializes in effective parenting techniques for children with behavioral/emotional struggles and is also clinician for a community-based residential treatment program in the region.  

    Leilani Richardson

    Leilani Richardson, Buchanan and Antelope Hills 

    Leilani Richardson was an educator for 14 years prior to becoming an elementary school counselor. She has taught in schools in Hawaii, Northern and Southern California, including a school aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. She loves working with elementary students to create positive experiences in education that support their growth and development. Leilani has served families of the US Navy and Marines to cope with the challenges of military life and deployment. She has a passion to support the families of those who serve in our Armed Forces to attain the skills necessary to cope with the unique facets of the military lifestyle. Leilani’s teaching experiences and work with the military community has provided her valuable knowledge and training that she utilizes each day in her counseling work with students.  

     Linda Reiger

     Linda Rieger, Buchanan Elementary 

     Jodi Spoon-Sadlon

    Jodi Spoon-Sadlon, Lisa J. Mails and Tovashal Elementary 

    Jodi Spoon-Sadlon earned her A.A. in Humanities from Mount San Jacinto, her B. A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in education from Concordia University and her M.A. Educational Counseling Degree from Azuza Pacific University. She also holds a PPS              Credential and Montessori Teaching credential.  She was a Montessori teacher for 4 years in Dana Point prior to becoming a school counselor.  Jodi has previously worked as both an elementary school counselor and middle school counselor in Murrieta. She is currently serving Lisa J. Mails Elementary and Tovashal Elementary as an Elementary School Counselor.  Mrs. Spoon-Sadlon has a passion for advocating for students to provide a safe and positive school experience. 

    Filipe Zanartu

     Felipe Zanartu  Avaxat Elementary

    Felipe is a dynamic Professional School Counselor in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District.  He has 6 years of experience working in the K-12 education system.  Professionally he specializes in developing productivity tools such as lesson plans, logs and data trackers.  Felipe has presented in both state and national conferences including California, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.   He received his M.S. in School Counseling in 2011 from San Diego State University. Felipe is passionate about the field of school counseling.  He loves working with students to remove barriers to learning.  He works using media as a tool to help build social skills and life long habits.   Currently he works as the K-5 counselor at Avaxat Elementary school in Murrieta, CA.  He is dedicated to searching for all the talents, skills, and intelligence that exist in all students.  Felipe believes that all students are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS!