• Mental Health Specialists serve as part of the Student Support Department. District Mental Health Specialists address the psychological and social well-being of the students as well as provide information for outside support services or agencies. They assist students with coping of personal and psychological issues that affect their school attendance and performance, behavior and socialization. They conduct individual and group counseling for students who may be experiencing personal, family, drug, psychological, mental health or behavioral issues. In addition, they serve as liaisons with community agencies and organizations concerned with child welfare and attendance.  

    Our district Mental Health Specialists support our high schools and middle schools and provide prevention, facilitate educational workshops for the parent and school community and provide crisis intervention as needed.


    School Name


    Mental Health Specialist


    Murrieta Canyon Academy

    Dorothy McElhinney Middle School

    Sherry Dew


    Murrieta Mesa High School

    Shivela Middle School 

    Lindsey Hersh


    Murrieta Valley High School

    Thompson Middle School 

    Jenny Cortez




    Vista Murrieta High School

    Warm Springs Middle School 

     Angela Talarzyk