• RAIN Elementary Counseling

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    • Re-engaging students
    • Advocating for students and parents
    • Intervening with students, parents, teachers and administrators
    • Nurturing all students through the delivery of academic, career, and social-emotional programs to support healthy development

    There is a significant correlation between students' perception of their safety and their achievement - in other words, kids who feel safe at school are more successful. 

    The RAIN School Counseling program is designed to provide students with the academic and social skills they need to be successful in school.  RAIN School Counselors teach guidance lessons, facilitate small groups to assist with the development of social skills, and offer individual responsive services for crisis assistance. This program focuses on reducing barriers to student learning through education and support. RAIN School Counselors collaborate with teachers and administrators to provide students with the necessary skills to increase achievement.  

    The RAIN Elementary School Counseling Program:

    • Ensures all students have equal access to effective instruction through a range of learning supports.
    • Explores the student’s academic goals as well as social and emotional needs.
    • Promotes healthy development and prevents problems.
    • Enhances competence, self determination and relatedness to others.
    • Provides ongoing support to students, parents and staff as needed.
    • Provides social skills instruction consistent with Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.

    State and National Presentations:

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    • American School Counselor Association, National Conference, Boston, MA., 2010. ASCA 
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