• Aeries Communications is MVUSD's new communication tool.

    **An Aeries app is available for Android Devices and Apple iOS!**

    This new communications platform is built into Aeries, our current student management system, therefore, the username and password you currently use to access your students information, registration, and grades will also be used to access the communication portal.

    This easy-to-use system means parents will receive timely, relevant messages from:

    • Murrieta Valley Unified School District Office
    • Your child's school site
    • Your child's teacher
    • ...and perhaps coaches or club advisors

    These messages can be delivered in several forms, and parents choose whichever is the most useful, practical version for their communications. 

    • Email (default)
    • Phone (voice) (default)
    • SMS text
    • Communications feed (must be enrolled in Aeries Parent Portal) 

     To learn more about this communication tool, please view: 

     This is a one-stop shop solution for all parent communication needs. The video gives you a brief overview of Aeries Communication.  

    * Please note, when you log in, you might temporarily see the words "Signal Kit" when you enter the communication portal. Don't be confused! It's the same communication tool.  Bear with us as Aeries finishes its modernization to include a full Aeries Communications brand.