• Q. What is Aeries Communications?

    Aeries Communication is a mass communication system within the Aeries student portals. This system supports one-way and two-way announcements and messaging between school staff, parents, district staff and students.

    Q. Why the change?

    The LCAP surveys have provided invaluable data regarding priorities and needs. Through this data, parents/guardian have expressed a need to streamline communications that include, regular updates on their students’ academic progress, information on class activities, and the ability to better communicate with teachers, counselors and school administrators.

    Q. What options do I have to receive communications?

    Communication methods include:

    • traditional phone calls
    • text messages
    • emails
    • text-to-speech and
    • online viewing via feed page similar to a social media feed

     Q. Are there language options?

    Yes! Aeries Communication supports automatic translation in several languages. Users can select their desired language under his/her settings. Direct messages will be sent in the users preferred language and automatically translated into English for teachers, school administrators, coaches etc. When they respond, the message will then be translated from English to the desired language. 

    Q. Does Aeries Communication allow individual contacts to set communication preferences?

    Yes! Aeries Communication supports individual contacts in a students record to receive their desired communications. For example, let's say grandpa is listed under student contacts. Grandpa picks up student from school every day. Grandpa does not want monthly newsletters, district communications or any notices from teachers. However, grandpa does want to know when there is a school emergency, a change in schedule for pickup or practice after-school for an activity. In this scenario, the school site administration can set Grandpas contact info to ONLY receive emergency and school activity communications. 

    Q. Are there instructions or a walkthrough document for parents/guardians?

    Yes! Please view below

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.