History- Social Science

  • Elementary

    Transitional Kindergarten- Grade 5

    On My Way for Pre-K (Scholastic)- Transitional Kindergarten

    Studies Weekly Social Studies (California)- Kindergarten- Grade 5

  • Middle School

    Grades 6-8

    Impact Social Studies (CA): World History and Geography Ancient Civilizations (McGraw Hill)- Grade 6

    Impact Social Studies (CA): World History and Geography Medieval and Early Modern Times (McGraw Hill)- Grade 7

    Impact Social Studies (CA): United States History and Geography Growth and Conflict (McGraw Hill)  - Grade 8

    World History (AGS)

    United States History (Pacemaker)

  • High School

    Grades 9-12

    World History Interactive: The Modern World (Savvas)- Grade 10

    Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective for AP World History (McGraw Hill)- Grade 10

    A History of Europe in the Modern World for AP European History (McGraw Hill)- Grade 10

    U.S. History Interactive: Reconstruction to the Present (Savvas) Grade 11

    Fabric of a Nation: A Brief History with Skills and Sources for the AP (Bedford)- Grade 11

    Economics: Principles in Action (Savvas)- Grade 12

    Krugman's Economics for the AP Course (Bedford)- Grade 12

    Government Alive! Power, Politics and You! (TCI)- Grade 12

    American Government: Stories of a Nation AP Edition (Bedford)- Grade 12

    Psychology in Everyday Life (Bedford)- Grades 10-12

    Myers Psychology for the AP (Worth Publishing)- Grades 10-12

    Worlds Together, Worlds Apart-- AP Edition (Norton)

    A History of Western Society- AP Edition (Houghton Mifflin) 

    Exploring American Histories (Bedford) Grades 11-12

    World History (AGS)  

    United States History (AGS) 

    United States Government (AGS) 

    Economics (AGS)  

    Practical Research Planning and Design (Pearson)

    Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approach (Sage)

    The Craft of Research (University of Chicago Press)

    History of the Canadian People (Oxford) 

    Modern Latin America (Oxford) 

    IB Psychology Course Companion 

    IB Theory of Knowledge Course Companion (Oxford) 

    History of the Americas 1880-1891 (Oxford University Press) 

    History: The Move to Global War (Pearson) 

    Authoritarian States (Pearson) 

    The Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries (Pearson) 

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