Legacy postcard with oak tree

Are you a Legacy Employee?


    If you attended or graduated from a Murrieta Valley USD school, and returned to work in any capacity for the district, you are a LEGACY! Please complete the form, linked here to receive a pin recognition.  


Who are Legacy Employees?

  • As the new Superintendent,  I was visiting schools and getting to know my new community. I visited a local middle school where a teacher stood and introduced herself.  "Hello, I am Ms. Perez, I teach here and I am a "legacy teacher."  I replied, "tell me more." Ms. Perez continued, "Well, I went to school in Murrieta, my mom was a teacher and an administrator here. I am now a teacher here, so therefore, I am a legacy teacher."  


    That exchange never left me.  In the following weeks, I met more legacy teachers and legacy employees. These are my colleagues who attended Murrieta Valley USD schools and later came back to work throughout our district and schools.  A few colleagues never really left.  I met another employee later that year who was volunteering for our Family Services department at the age of 18.  She was offered employment before she graduated from college and has never left us. 


    It is really remarkable when a system is so influential and meaningful that individuals return to working now for the system that once served them! 


    To show our appreciation, we are offering our Legacy employees (not just graduated but attended at any time) a pin that truly celebrates their years of dedication to our district and schools. The pin is to be worn with their ID badge, in hopes that our community, parents, students and staff, recognize who our Legacy employees are and how thankful we are to them.


    Thank you, Legacy employees for all that you do to inspire our students. The choices you make to best serve our students, families and each other are phenomenal. #AlwaysInspiring 


    With much respect and admiration, 


    Dr. Ward Andrus, Superintendent of Murrieta Valley USD

Last Modified on September 25, 2023