• Elementary Report Cards

    MVUSD's Elementary report cards are aligned with the California state standards and provide information about how each child is progressing towards the mastery of year-end standards. Standards are what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.

    How does traditional grading differ from standards-based grading?

    Traditional grading is what most parents are used to.  With traditional grading, students earn a letter or number that represents a wide variety of skills and understandings in a particular subject.  They may have earned extra credit, or turned in late assignments, causing them to earn a lower grade. Assignments were averaged for the entire semester, including quizzes and tests that may have been low earlier in the semester, even if the child learned those skills later on. Work habits and behavior were all part of the overall grades.

    Standards-based grading, on the other hand, provides parents, students, and teachers with a more accurate view of a student’s progress in both academic and behavioral areas. It identifies the skills with which students are struggling, and provides a clear understanding of a student’s strengths. Standards-based grading looks at grade level standards individually, separate from student behaviors. It also acknowledges a student’s growth in their learning by emphasizing the most recent evidence of learning. 

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    What do the scores mean?

    4 - Exceeding Standards

      • Student consistently shows mastery and works at a more complex level. This should not be confused with strong work habits.

    3 - Meeting Standards

      • Student meets the grade level standards and grasps and applies all concepts. This is the goal for all students. 

    2- Approaching Standards

      • Student is approaching current targets and is beginning to grasp and apply key concepts.

    1 - Not Yet Meeting Standards

      • Student needs more time, support, and intervention to meet grade level standards. 


    Report Card FAQ's

    Should I be concerned if I see "1's" on my student's report card?

    A "1" on a report card indicated that the student is not yet meeting the target for the grade level standard. Often, students in this situation are already receiving intervention support, and communication with the parent has been established. If your child receives a "1" on the report card, you may want to follow up with the teacher to learn how you can further support his/her progress.

    Can my student obtain a "4" in the first semester?

    It is possible for a student to obtain a "4" in the first semester. Students obtain "4's" if they demonstrate that they have not only met the grade level expectations for the current reporting period, but that they can also consistently apply their understanding of concepts at a deeper and more complex level.

    Is it possible for students to "drop" from one reporting period to another?

    The mid-year score is an indication of performance on standards at that point in time, with the exception that difficulty will increase throughout the school year. Therefore, a student who demonstrates a score of "3" in the first semester can obtain a "2" in the second semester when the rigor of the standard increases.

Last Modified on February 14, 2022