• Flyer Approval

    Murrieta Valley Unified School District recognizes the important role that non-profit organizations play in providing educational and cultural opportunities for students during non-school hours.

    Requirements for Approval

    • Materials from for-profit interests do not qualify.
    • Fundraising flyers for outside organizations are not accepted.
    • Due to new compliance, all text in ADA description box MUST be proofread and grammatically correct.
    • After flyers are uploaded to Peachjar, they must be approved by the district pursuant to Board Policy 1325

    Organizations must:

    • Qualify as a non-profit charitable or civic organization (Tax Exempt ID is required)
    • Materials must be of educational, civic or cultural value
    • Program/Service locations must be local to the Murrieta Valley area
    • Materials/graphics cannot use school logos or school colors unless they are a school sponsored event/program/activity
    • Must include the following disclaimer on all flyers: "This organization and its activities are not related to or sponsored by Murrieta Valley Unified School District."

    Completion of this process is required for each flyer that your organization wishes to distribute.  
    To begin the flyer-approval process, click on the Peachjar logo below. 
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Last Modified on October 24, 2019