• Key Communicator Network

    The district maintains a Key Communicator Network to provide an open line of communication with people who are interested in knowing what is happening throughout the district.  When things happen – good or bad, people look to others they trust and respect for answers. Key Communicators are among the first people to receive updates on breaking news and inside information on situations that affect our schools and the district.

    A Key Communicator's role is very simple. They are provided with information on a regular basis about issues that affect our schools and district. Then when people ask them questions, they are able to share the facts with their circle of business associates, friends, family members & acquaintances. Key Communicators are also asked to complete surveys from time to time to provide their input on various topics.  

    Interested in being a Key Communicator?  Email the district's Public Information Officer to sign up. 

Last Modified on March 23, 2023