Transitional Kinder
  • Two-Year Kindergarten Program

    Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is part of the public-school system. It is a two-year program that uses developmentally appropriate kindergarten curriculum aligned to the State of California Kindergarten Standards. It is taught by a credentialed teacher and is free to all families whose children meet the age requirements. Murrieta Valley Unified School District offers a half day TK class at all elementary school sites.

    The MVUSD TK Program is designed to provide children with the gift of time and parents with an option to ensure future academic success for their children through a hands-on approach to learning important foundational academic and social skills. Class size, length of school day, facilities, and teacher certification are subject to the same legal requirements applicable to kindergarten programs throughout the district. 

    21-22 TK Information

    To view the state standards for TK please visit: 

    Transitional Kindergarten California Standards (English)

    Transitional Kindergarten California Standards  (Spanish)

    Age Requirements

    Students who turn five between September 2 and December 2 qualify for transitional kindergarten (TK).  The following guidelines are in place for any questions regarding TK placement.

    Students turning 5 with Birthdates after December 2

    Due to current enrollment, we will not accept any TK students whose birthdate falls after the 9/2 - 12/2 TK window. The only exception would be if a classroom has an unexpected low enrollment.  Parents may  contact Tami Slagill (see below) after the child turns 5 and enrollment numbers will be reviewed at that time. 

    Students turning 5 with Summer Birthdays          (Jun 1st – Sept. 1st)

    Summer birthdays fall outside of the TK birthdate range. On a case-by-case basis, the district will consider placing a student with a summer birthday into TK if we feel it is in the student’s best interest to have a two-year kindergarten experience. A screening is required to evaluate the student’s skills and social-emotional readiness. If you are interested in your child being screened, please contact Tami Slagill (see below).

    TK Range Students Requesting Kindergarten

    The state of California kindergarten start date aligns with other states across the country, as well as best practices for student success. Therefore, California has developed a transitional program for students within the TK birthdate window to provide a strong foundation for academic success. If your child falls within this window, it is expected that he/she will attend TK. Moving directly to kindergarten is the equivalent of skipping a grade level, such as moving from third grade to fourth grade.

    If you feel that your child should be advanced to the next grade, the district will address your request as we address other grade advancement cases. The student will begin in the age appropriate classroom to allow staff to observe him/her in an authentic school setting. After six to eight weeks of attendance, a Student Success Team (SST) meeting will be held to evaluate the best course of action for the child. This team will include the student’s family, site administration, the TK teacher, a kindergarten teacher, and district personnel.

    For more information regarding TK, please contact Tami Slagill at (951) 696-1600 ext. 1178. 

Last Modified on July 28, 2021