• Overflow Transfers

    When a new student requests enrollment in a grade in which there is no space, and the student cannot be placed even with reasonable adjustments, such as creating a combination class, the student will be placed at an overflow school in accordance with the following process.

    • The principal or designee notifies the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources of the potential overflow situation. If no solution can be reached through staffing adjustments, the Assistant Superintendent will notify the District Student Support Department staff. 
    • District staff will contact the resident school and facilitate enrollment of that student to an overflow school.
    • The district will provide transportation from the resident school to the overflow school at no cost to the parent(s). Home to school transportation to the resident school will be pursuant to Board policy.
    • The resident school is responsible for monitoring such placements, so that when space occurs, an offer to transfer back to the resident school can be made. Such offers must be coordinated through the District Student Support Office.
    • Overflow enrollments are for the remainder of the year only. Such students will be transferred back to the resident school for the beginning of the next school year, and automatically factored into that school's projected number of enrollments.
    • Students wishing to remain at the overflow school the following year would require an approved Intra-district Transfer. They would not have any priority status over other new requests. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents.
    • Overflow Transfers are not regarded as Intra-district Transfers.
    • The district will attempt to accommodate all siblings (K-5, or 6-8) so that they attend the same school, if requested by the parent, subject to space availability.
    • If a student who is being overflowed to a transfer school is offered an opportunity to return to the resident school, but that offer is declined, district school to school transportation is terminated. Transportation to the overflow school then becomes the responsibility of the parent.

    To determine if space is available at a school, contact the school office. 

    For more information on the Overflow Transfer process, contact the District Student Support office at 696-1600 ext 1219 or email.

Last Modified on May 9, 2024