• Intra-district Transfers Between MVUSD Schools

    Open Enrollment - Regular Transfer

    There are two types of Intradistrict Transfers: Open Enrollment Intra-district Transfers and Regular Intra-district Transfers. Open Enrollment Requests are those that are received by the district during the annual Open Enrollment period from early November through mid-February. Such Requests will be processed in accordance with Board policy relating to Open Enrollment and are subject to space availability. All other transfer requests that are received outside that Open Enrollment window will be considered on a case by case basis subject to space availability and in accordance with Board policy.

    Download the Intra-district Transfer Form and submit the completed form to the office of the school you wish to transfer to.   

    Open Enrollment Intradistrict Transfers

    • Parent submits a completed Intra-district Transfer Form to the office of the school they wish to transfer their child to during the designated Open Enrollment window.
    • The school principal will consult with the Student Support Department staff to determine available space for intra-district transfers. Available space will be assigned in this order of priority:
      1. Students residing within a school's attendance boundaries, including projected growth.
      2. Renewal intra-district transfers from previous Open Enrollment.
      3. New transfers if siblings previously approved.
      4. New transfers of children of district employees.
      Available space remaining after the above groups are housed can be used for new intra-district transfers submitted through the Open Enrollment process. Some transfers can be approved regardless of space limitations, but only when such transfers are exchanges of equal numbers of students between or among schools.
    1. Open Enrollment Intra-district Requests are approved by the school principal based on space availability.
    2. If more requests are submitted than space is available, then a lottery will be conducted for available space. A waiting list will be established to indicate the order in which students may be accepted as openings occur. This waiting list will be exhausted before approving regular Intra-district Transfers submitted outside the Open Enrollment window.
    3. Parents will be notified by the school office in writing by June regarding approvals and denials.
    4. Parents may begin the enrollment process at the transfer school after the transfer request is approved.

    Regular Intra-district Transfers

    1. Parent submits a completed Intra-district Transfer Form to the office of the school they wish to transfer their child to.  
    2. Depending upon the reason for the request, the principal of the resident school may consult with the Student Support Department staff to explore more appropriate options other than a transfer.
    3. Approval/disapproval is made by the school principal and the school office will notify parents and the school of residence. 

    Open Enrollment and Regular Intra-district Transfers Guidelines

    1. Approvals for all transfers are made by the school principal in consultation with the Student Support administrator. 
    2. A fifth grade student attending an elementary school on an approved Intradistrict Transfer must attend the middle school to which the resident school is assigned, and not the transfer school feeder middle school, if that school is different. To attend the middle school not assigned to the resident elementary school requires an additional approved Intra-district Transfer. The same process is required for transfers between eighth and ninth grades. Students will be assigned to their high school of residence, regardless of transfer status in their eighth grade year.
    3. Students attending on an Open Enrollment Intra-district Transfer establish residency and attend as if they are residents of that site. To return to the resident school requires an approved Intra-district Transfer. Transfers can be unilaterally revoked by the district due to behavior, attendance or academic problems.
    4. Home to school transportation is the responsibility of the parent, including transfers created through parent choice for programmatic options, such as for a desired English Language Learner program.
    5. Open Enrollment Intra-district transfers are approved for the duration of the grade span at that school (elementary through fifth grade, middle school through eighth grade). The district may require parents to complete an annual renewal form for documentation and planning purposes; however, for all practical purposes these are automatically approved, unless a school is impacted. (See Overflow Transfer guidelines for return procedures when a school is impacted.)
    6. Students attending a school site other than their resident school due to a Special Education program placement such as a Special Day class, are not considered a transfer and are not required to submit an Intra-district Transfer Request.
    7. The district will attempt to accommodate requests to place siblings at the same school, but there is no guarantee of a transfer approval.
    8. An Intra-district Transfer may be approved for the remainder of the year to allow a student to complete a school year at the former school, subject to space availability.


Last Modified on September 14, 2021