Kinder Here I Come!

  • The Kindergarten Here I Come event is geared towards parents of incoming kindergarten students. The goal of this program is to introduce families to the elementary school setting, administration, and kindergarten classrooms and teachers. Each principal welcomes the families of incoming students and provides an overview of the learning opportunities and fun that awaits their child(ren) in kindergarten. Parents are also given an opportunity to tour kindergarten classrooms, learn about Transitional Kindergarten, and meet our outstanding and caring kindergarten team members at each school.

Kinder Resources
Kinder Readiness
  • Social and emotional learning, also known as emotional intelligence is developing during the first year of a students school journey. Parents have a dual role in helping the school sites create a self-aware, respectful child who knows how to manage his or her emotions, make responsible decisions, and resolve conflicts non-violently. The following documents may be referred to as resources to helping parents facilitate excellent social and emotional skill sets in students.

    Thriving Child, Part 1 Behavior Management Basics (7 minute video from MVUSD staff)

    Thriving Child, Part 2 Emotion Regulation Basics  (7 minute video from MVUSD staff)

    Communication Skills

    Social Emotional Development 

    If you have questions or would like more information about our Kindergarten Here I Come Program, please email Tami Slagill or call (951) 696-1600 ext.1178.

Last Modified on April 25, 2022