• English Language Learners

    The Title III Improvement Plan documents MVUSD's improvement plan for instruction for English Language Learners.   There are specific sections in the plan for improvement in instructional practices in elementary, middle, and high school.  Download the Title III Improvement Plan 


    1. All children must be taught in English.
    2. All teachers must use English as the "overwhelming" language in the classroom.
    3. Teachers must employ sheltered English instructional techniques

    Structured English Language Immersion Program

    Program Description

    English language learners obtain access to the core curriculum through English; however, curriculum and instruction are modified to be more understandable to non-native speakers of English. This program does not provide for the development of literacy in the native language as instruction is delivered overwhelmingly in English.

    Program Length

    English language learners may be enrolled in the Structured English Language Immersion Program, the duration of which is intended not to exceed one year. If, however, a student has not achieved a reasonable level of English language proficiency and academic performance (as determined by the district's multiple assessment measures), he/she may remain in the Structured English Immersion Program longer than one year or until reasonable English language fluency has been acquired. This provision is intended to ensure that no student exits the Structured English Language Immersion Program prematurely.

    Goals / Outcomes

    • English language learners will attain proficiency in conversational and academic English.
    • English language learners will master academic content through access to the core curriculum based on content-specific English as a Second Language techniques, using primary language only to clarify and/or interpret key concepts.
    • The self-image of all students will be enhanced through the study of native as well as other world cultures.

    Classroom Composition

    Students of similar English language proficiency are clustered in the same classroom. Students may be of the same primary language group, or the classroom composition may mix students of diverse language backgrounds. It is also possible to assign students to a "mainstream" classroom and provide "pull out" English language development services.

    Program Benefits

    • English language learners are grouped according to English language proficiency level, and curriculum/instruction are targeted for that level.
    • English language learners will acquire conversational and academic English through receiving comprehensible language input in a positive learning environment.


Last Modified on September 13, 2019