• Course Outline Development




    Educational Services has developed an annual process for supporting teachers and administrators with the development of new courses and the process of revising and updating current course outlines. To this end, we have created a three-phase process designed to ensure staff members have the information they need to meet timelines and requirements, facilitate collaboration and communication among different stakeholders and sites, and help ensure a smooth approval process.

    If you are considering developing a new course or planning to revise/update an existing course, please access the MVUSD New & Revised Course Outline Process document. Please follow the steps and timelines outlined within the three phases on this document to ensure a successful course outline development/revision process. Contact the support personnel indicated on the document for assistance with the process.


    For questions about course outline approval and development, please contact Mick Wager. For questions about the status of your approval, please contact Sheri Calderon. 

Last Modified on August 9, 2023