• Getting Ahead in High School

    Are you looking to get ahead and stand out from the crowd?  The district's high schools offer several opportunities to help you do just that!  Mesa AVID class

    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college courses you can take in high school that connect you to what you want to do now and in your future. AP courses not only give you the knowledge and skills to help you succeed in college, scoring well on the AP Exam can get you college placement and credits. Read more about the advantages of AP courses. 
    • AVID (Advancement via individual Determination) 6th - 12th grade.  AVID  is a college readiness program designed to help students successfully attend a four-year college or university.  AVID provides students with the skills they need to succeed in middle and high school and the tools, guidance and courses necessary for college acceptance.  District AVID graduate students have a 98% four-year college acceptance rate, which far exceeds the national college acceptance rate of 36%. 
    • The District's Dual Enrollment Partnership with MSJC allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in dual enrollment courses that provide challenging academic and occupational experiences.  Successful completion of dual-enrollment courses will enable students to simultaneously satisfy high school graduation requirements while earning college credits transferable to two and four year colleges and universities, thus reducing college tuition costs. 
    • The International Baccalaureate Program (IB) is an academically challenging, world class college prep program at Murrieta Valley High School.  The rigorous two-year curriculum for juniors and seniors maximizes your chances of gaining acceptance to competitive colleges and universities around the world.  Colleges and universities recognize IB students in the admission process and grant credits for passing IB exams. The IB curriculum emphasizes international perspectives of learning and teaching, and students are assessed according to international benchmarks.  Often, students who earn the IB diplomas enter college with 1-2 years of college credit. Students can also take individual IB classes through the IB Certificate Program.  

    Career Technical Education (CTE)  Law Enforcement

    • CTE courses available at all district high schools offer free job training, high school credit, training certificates and career planning.
    • CTE courses include Law Enforcement and CSI, Video Production, Culinary Arts, Emergency Medical Responder, Sports Therapy and Sports Medicine, Banking and Finance, Interactive Media Design and Automotive Technology. 
    • CTE courses meet a-g admission requirements for the University of California and they also meet the criteria for community college credit.
    • After completing a sequence of two or three CTE courses and passing the certification tests, students can earn certification in their field which prepare them to go directly to work in high-demand jobs or continue their education at a community or four-year college..    

    Career pathways Medical Pathway

    • College and career pathways available at Murrieta Mesa High provide junior and senior students with the opportunity to pursue the career fields listed below:
      • Medical/Health Care 
      • Engineering
      • Business/Culinary 
      • Liberal Studies
      • Visual/Performing Arts 
    • Students take required courses for graduation and college entrance while they pursue a relevant and meaningful education by enrolling in on-line courses, Career Technical Education (CTE) and college courses. 
    • Students can also participate in internships with area businesses related to their field of study. 


    • JROTC programs give students the opportunity to learn leadership skills and self-discipline.
    • Cadets participate in community service projects, drill competitions, summer camps and other military training. They also study astronomy, aeronautics, oceanography, military history, navigation, and seamanship. 
    • Approximately six percent of the district's graduates enter the military after graduation and JROTC cadets can look forward to a higher starting rank when they enter the military. 
    • College ROTC Scholarships are available for JROTC cadets with three years in the program.  
    • JROTC cadets are candidates for an appointment to the Naval Academy, West Point and the Air Force Academy. 
Last Modified on March 22, 2023