• Parent Involvement

    Murrieta Valley Unified School District is committed to collaborating with parents in the work of school. Student achievements is positively impacted when parents are treated as valued partners in their child's education. The purpose of this section is to provide parents with training and district and community resources that will foster parent engagement and involvement in ways that will have a substantive impact on student learning. 

    All would agree that parent involvement is a key to student success. People often associate parent involvement with volunteer work during the school day or participation in school events, such as fundraisers or reading nights. However, parent involvement means much more than this, and even parents who are unable to be present during the school day or at school events can play an important role. Parent involvement in a child's education includes such practices as:

    • Reading to your child regularly

    • Keeping reading materials available at home

    • Visiting the library regularly

    • Providing a quiet space for your child to study

    • Making study materials available, such as dictionaries or calculators

    • Establishing a consistent study time for your child

    • Monitoring your child's homework

    • Helping your child keep his or her school materials organized

    • Asking your child about the things he or she is learning in school

    • Ensuring your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour

    • Providing your child with a nutritious breakfast

    • Encouraging and expecting hard work and positive behavior

    • Discussing and establishing goals for the future

    • Praising your child for improvement

    • Monitoring websites and emails from your child's teacher(s)

    • Proactively communicating with your child's teacher(s)

    The following resources are provided to support parents as active partners in their child's education.

    Parent Training:


    Check out the series of  Parent Involvement Summits offered by 23rd District PTA. 

    Did you know the district has a Parent Center that offers classes for parents of infants to teens, along with child health and safety training, first aid and CPR, and self-defense.   


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