• The Foundations of PLUS

    PLUS Gold

    PLUS is all about feeling the human need to belong, we all need someone to be there for us and that is what we are, there for you.  PLUS is out to break up cliques and bring Vista’s campus together.
     Our goal is to protect, connect, and educate students in creating a culture on campus and in the community where inclusion is a reality for everyone.  We are based on the idea of actions, identity, and purpose and keep them in constant cycle leading to the success of a person and/or entity.  PLUS engages a group of individuals in significant actions. These actions develop each person’s sense of belonging to a group identity and sense of a community. By establishing the PLUS forums on campus, schools are able to assess their students’ emotional feelings. When a student goes through a forum they feel a healthy sense of belonging in their environment, which positively effects their motivation, success, and happiness.
    Schools need a positive group of peers for students to belong to and feel welcomed in.  This pro-social bonding and empowering in our youth is what optimizes the youth development and strategies invested in the PLUS program.
    The PLUS Program is one of the few approaches in education which utilizes the natural channels of peer influence to address critical issues that impact positive youth development. Our program focuses on including a diverse cross-section of the population of each individual school.

    PLUS Promotes:

    • Bonding
    • Resilience
    • Social, Emotional, Cognitive,Behavioral, and Moral Competence
    • Self Determination, Spirituality, and Self Efficiency
    • Clear and Positive Identity
    • Belief in the Future
    • Recognition for Positive Behavior
    • Opportunities for pro-social Involvement and Norms
    We hope through the PLUS program’s involvement to create pro-social bonding, build a sense of group identity and belonging.  This would add to Vista Murrieta High School’s vision,  motto of C.L.A.S.S and overall Bronco Pride.



Last Modified on July 20, 2016