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            PLUS stands for Peer Leaders Uniting Students. The main event hosted by PLUS are called forums. In a forum, students on our campus come together to make new friends, as we promote diversity. Typically, groups on campus segregate themselves by different stereotypes. A forum works to break these stereotypes and create friendships with students on campus that would normally not interact. These new friendships created work to counteract against racism and cliques. We hold many different types of forums for different purposes, such as new student and grade level forums.
    A forum consists of a group of students at a given time, as they are led through surveys, interactive activities, and small groups. Anonymous surveys are given to student participants at the beginning of a forum and these surveys help to inform students, PLUS leaders, as well as teachers and administration of issues that are prevalent on our campus, as well as issues that need to be addressed with our student body. We address these issues later in the forum based on each groups’ specific needs. We then lead student participants through activities to bond and break the ice.
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    These activities work to make participants feel more open and comfortable with other students and PLUS Leaders alike. We then close our forums with “small groups”.  These small groups are used to give students an open forum to voice issues from campus.  They give students a safe place where any student can feel comfortable talking. The surveys guide and influence the PLUS programs actions on campus and in the community.


Last Modified on August 3, 2012