• TK-12 Immunization Requirements

    State of California
    Required Immunizations

    District schools enforce California Immunization laws that require all students enrolling in school to be fully vaccinated.  Senate Bill 277 requires all California children who attend private or public schools to be fully vaccinated beginning July 1, 2016, regardless of their parents' personal or religious beliefs, unless they have a medical exemption.  Read more about the new immunization law. 

    The following immunizations are required for school enrollment by the State of California. All immunizations must be complete or current, meaning students have completed the requirements and they are not yet due for another dose. During the enrollment process, an official record of the student's immunization record must be presented as verification of immunizations. This record can be a California Yellow Immunization Card, a medical record from the physician or an official school record. The record must be signed or stamped by the physician or by a school official.   

    Contact a school health technician or school nurse for more information and assistance. 
    Parents guide to required immunizations, EFFECTIVE July 1, 2019.         
      4 doses at any age -or-
    If one dose was given on or after 4th birthday* 3 doses at any ages 4-6 -or-
    Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus (DPT)
      5 doses at any age -or-
    If one dose was given on or after 4th birthday* 4 doses at any ages 4-6 -or-
    If one dose was given on or after 7th birthday* 3 doses at any ages 7-17  
    Tdap Pertussis Booster  
    1 dose on or after 7th birthday
     for all students grade 7

    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)
    Both doses must have been given on or after 1st birthday* 2 doses Kindergarten and 7th Grade
    Hepatitis B
       3 doses at any age
    Varicella Chickenpox

    Transitional Kindergarten-12 grade 

    2 doses

      a physician-documented disease history  

    *A four (4) day grace period is allowed if vaccine was given 4 days prior to birthday


    Questions? Contact your school nurse or health technician. 

Last Modified on May 1, 2024