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    Healthy Students Learn Better, School Nurses Make it Happen! 


    The district has eleven credentialed school nurses who cover several sites.  Health technicians at each school provide first aid and nursing support among their other duties.  The school nurses oversee the health technicians, assist with special education issues, design and oversee specialized physical health care plans, provide vision and hearing screenings, respond to emergencies, review home/hospital requests, and consult with teachers, parents, and others on health and safety issues. The school nurses also obtain developmental histories for students who receive special education assessments and participate in IEP meetings.


    School Nurses

    Lucy Cardenas, MSN, RN


    696-1408 ext 5292

    Carmina Contreras, BSN, RN

    AHES and AMES

    445-4110 ext 3389

    Beth Enniss, MSN, RN, PHN

    TMS and  MCA

    696-1406 ext 4592

    Megan Moreno, BSN, RN


    677-0568 ext 6492 

    Carissa Hoffman, MEd, RN, PHN    

    DMMS and LJM

    304-1885 ext 3692  

    Danielle Hunkle, BSN, RN

    SMS and TES

    696-1406 ext 4092


    WSMS and BES

    696-3503 ext 3255

    Nusrat Khan, BSN, RN  

    AES and CCES

    696-1421 ext 2655

    Audrianna Leavitt, BSN, RN

    EHC and MES

    696-1401 ext 2387

    Lucie McCarthy, BSN, RN


    894-5750 ext 6796

    Shalena Mitchell, MSN, RN

    MVES, RRES and ATP (Special Ed)

    696-1600 ext 1958  


    Lisa Van Ryzin, MSN, RN, PHN        

    Lead Nurse - DSC

    696-1600 ext 8104


    Taking Medication at School

    Each student who is required to take medication at school must have written parent and physician permission on file, as well as provide the medication to the health office in the original, labeled container.  Click here for more information about taking medication at school. 


    Home and Hospital Instruction  

    Children may be eligible to receive Home and Hospital Instruction (H/H) if they are home or hospital-bound due to a temporary disability for a period of time (more than two weeks) for a medically related reason and are unable to attend school, even for a modified day. Home and Hospital Instruction is, by definition, a temporary program, and is not appropriate for chronic conditions or in lieu of school attendance or for conditions that qualify a student as having exceptional needs (ie: IEP).  Because Home and Hospital Instruction does not replace classroom instruction and often may be very limited, if the absence is going to be for an extended period of time, alternate programs/modifications should be considered, including modified day or Independent Study. 

    If your child has a need for services (either bed or hospital-bound and unable to leave the home/hospital for any portion of the day for schooling), contact your school and request to speak to the School Nurse.  You will be provided with the appropriate request forms to be completed by your child's physician and the parent.  The request is then reviewed and approved when appropriate.  All attempts will be made to assign a teacher of the same grade as your student, but this is not guaranteed.  Secondary level students may not be able to have a teacher assigned who is familiar with any of their class subjects.  

    Emergency Information/Health History

    In order to properly care for your student and notify parents when a student is ill or injured, California Education Code 49408 requires that all parents submit emergency information with their home phone, work phone, and emergency contacts. If your student is injured or ill, and we do not have updated emergency information, we may have to call 911 for treatment at the parent's expense. Please include at least two or three local numbers of people who could care for your student if you are not available.  Please also note any medical/health condition or medication that your child takes so that we can provide appropriate care and share this information with emergency personnel when necessary.

    It is required that we receive an updated card at the start of each school year.


    If you or your child are struggling with life or are finding it hard to cope, counseling help is available. Contact Breakthrough (951) 696-1600  x1216 for information on counseling referrals.

    Abuse, AIDS, alcoholism, depression, divorce, drugs, gangs, homelessness, pregnancy, sexuality, violence, suicide. TEEN LINE operated by teens, for teens, helps adolescents address their problems through a confidential peer hotline and community outreach program. Toll-free in California, it's a place to talk things out with another teen in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

    1-800-TLC-TEEN (1-800-852-8336) or 310-855-HOPE (310-855-4673) Nightly 6:00 pm-10:00 pm (pst)
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