Week 1 Assignments

  • APEX Unit 1: Origins of Government

    There is a pretest and 6 quizzes that you need to complete this week.  If you do well on the pretest you may test out of some of the quizzes. 

    There are two written assignments that you need to do.  The first is the practice 1.1.6, it deal with the question, "Is voting important?"  This assignment is going to be submitted to me online, make sure that you always include your full name and the course you are taking when submitting the assignment.  You can submit through APEX or you can email me the assignment, but make sure you include the assignment number and course name in the subjucet line.

    The other writeen assignment takes place in APEX, it is the discussion 1.2.3.  There you will answer the prompt online and address some of the other students' responses.  This is a great way for us to share ideas.

    The assignments will be going into Aeries, they need to be completed by Friday, June 19.  We will be taking the CST exam on Monday of the following week.

    Remember that you need to logon to APEX every day, we will also be meeting online during the week.  Please email me if you have any questions, I am here to help.

Last Modified on June 13, 2020