• Mission

    The mission of “Partnership for Thriving Students and Families” is to serve as a collaborative unit of parent and community voices, to ensure equity and inclusion for all MVUSD students.



    The vision of the Partnership for Thriving Students and Families Council is to actively engage students, families, and the education community to foster an inclusive environment where supportive relationships are nurtured for optimal student success.


    What is PTSF?

    • District Level Umbrella Group
    • Used to streamline information to and collaborate on efforts with district level parent advisory groups


    How is PTSF different from the Parent Advisory Groups?

    • Parent advisories help us to gain feedback on district resources, programs, procedures, etc.
    • Parent advisories provide group specific information and needs discussed in their meetings
  • PTSF Members

    AAPAC Marguerite  Rucker
    AAPAC Raquel  Anthony
    Board Member Linda Lunn
    Council PTA Rhonda James
    CSEA President Anna Leos
    CTE Valerie Backus
    DELAC Jill Buschhausen
    Elementary Instruction Faythe Mutchnik-Jayx
    LCAP Mary Walters
    LPAC Mick  Wager
    LPAC Nancy Lacey
    MEA President Kimberley Binning-Chevlin
    Military Support Dennine Harrison
    Secondary Instruction Jennifer Schriver
    SEPAC Steven Gooch
    SEPAC Zhanna Preston

Partnership for Thriving Students and Families (PTSF)

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