Student Achievement Parent Advisories

Picture of parent groups with their students
  • African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)

    The mission of AAPAC is to support the academic and social-emotional growth of African American students to minimize and close the achievement gap. The AAPAC goals are to educate and inform parents of district learning resources, policies, and co-curricular programs while also empowering the lives of all African American students and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for high-quality educational experiences. African American families make up 6% of the district’s student demographics.


    District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)
    DELAC serves as the voice for the development of a state-mandated plan for English Learners. DELAC committee members assist in the development of the district’s needs assessment, review and advise on the administration of the district’s language census and help bring awareness of district programs and policies. There are over 50 different languages other than English, spoken in Murrieta Valley USD households. DELAC families make up 5% of the district’s student demographics. 


    Latino Parent Advisory Committee (LPAC)
    LPAC aims to empower Latino families and their students to excel academically and be life-ready post high school. LPAC goals include: 1.) Be the voice for Latino families with concerns regarding the school environment, 2.) Create a meaningful dialogue between families, schools, and the district. 3.) Educate students and families about career and college readiness, and 4.) Bridge the gap of cultural awareness while supporting the community. Latino students are the district’s majority in student demographics at 41%.


    Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)
    The purpose of SEPAC is to develop a positive and knowledgeable partnership between the parents and caregivers of students with exceptional needs and the professionals who serve them. SEPAC aims to develop communication channels between individuals with exceptional needs and/or their parents or guardians, school district administrators, and professional staff. Information discussed and shared by SEPAC will be used by the district in recommending annual priorities and inclusion efforts district-wide. SEPAC also supports parent education.