Advanced Placement 2019-2020
    AP Program Coordinators
    Diana Ruiz 
    Karen Candaele


    Course Offerings for 2019-2020:


     AP Gov/US Politics - Mr. Faddis, Mr. Fagen 

     AP Physics - Mr. Murray                                        

     AP US History - Mr. Daarstad, Mr. Hanson

     AP Chemistry - Mrs. Choe

     AP World History - Mr. Papciak, Mr. Quinn

     AP Biology - Mr. White

     AP Psychology - Ms. Davis

     AP Calculus AB - Mr. Tupaj

     AP Studio Art - Ms. Hayes

     AP Calculus BC - Mr. Tupaj

     AP English Language - Mr. K Olson, Mrs. Hipp

     AP Statistics - Mr. Nelson

     AP English Literature - Dr. Lé

     AP Spanish Language - Mrs. Romo 

     AP Human Geography - Mr. Daarstad, Mr. Mason

     AP Macro/Microeconomics - Mr. Martinelli              

     AP Environmental Science - Mrs. Searl     

     *AP Computer Science Principles - Dr. Lee

                        * signifies new course


    AP Rules and Regulations 

    AP Drops at the 6th and or 12th week mark - Students who drop an AP class at the 6th week mark may be able to enroll in the regular grade level class if offered, ex AP Euro to Modern World History. Students who drop an AP course after the 12th week mark will receive a W/F (withdraw fail) for the course dropped.  

    NEW: AP Agreement




Last Modified on November 7, 2019