• VMHS Parking Regulations

    To ensure student safety, VMHS has implemented a Parking Program. Please review the regulations listed below that are in effect at VMHS.

    Visitors need to check in at the Guard Shack

    upon entry to school grounds to obtain a temporary parking pass.  Visitors need to park in the visitor parking area, which is located in front of the Gym and Administration building off of Clinton Keith Road, at the front of campus.  Please be sure the temporary pass is positioned on the right side of the dashboard so it is visible to Campus Security.

    Students must park only in the Student Parking Lot,

    located off of Clinton Keith Road to the west of the Swim Complex and basketball courts.  A valid parking permit must be visible in student vehicles at all times.  Parking permits can be obtained through the Bookkeeper in the main administration office.  Campus Security scans all lots daily to verify that only eligible vehicles are parked in the Student Parking Lots, as well as verifying that all vehicles are parked in designated areas and stalls.  If a student forgets their parking permit, it is the responsibility of the student to see the Bookkeeper and/or the Guard Shack Security Attendant to receive a temporary pass for placement inside the vehicle.  Only students who have purchased a valid parking permit are eligible to obtain a temporary 'one-day' permit.

    Please remember that parking at VMHS is at your own risk

    and that neither MVUSD or VMHS assumes responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any vehicle or its contents when parked on school premises.

    Please be advised

    that VMHS will issue a municipal citation to any parking violators.  Drivers who are cited are required to pay a fine.  All unpaid fines are subject to Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines and unpaid tickets will be posted on your driving record.  Please download the Parking Citation Service Center PDF for guidelines and details.

    This program is in place to ensure student safety

    and is a further safeguard in keeping unwanted visitors off the VMHS campus.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  If you have questions about parking procedures, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook.

Last Modified on May 22, 2023