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    Teacher Information:Sustaining Our World

    Mr. Charles McClelland                                       

    Phone: 894-5750 X6549                                          



    Course Description:

    Environmental Science is the study of the interaction between the living and non-living parts of our world.  It draws from all areas of study including biology, earth science, chemistry, economics, political science, and ethics.  This course is a project-based course that will focus on 5 major environmental issues taking place around the world today, including: Overpopulation/Poverty,   Loss of Biodiversity, Global Warming, Pollution, and Resource and Energy Waste.


    Required Materials:

    ** It is imperative that you bring these materials with you EVERY DAY!

    ·        3-ring binder with lined paper (either one specifically for science, or one with a science divider)

    ·        Pencil & Pen


    Classroom Expectations:

    1.  Respect: For yourself, classmates, and teachers.  FYI: Discipline is required          to achieve this expectation.  I will need your cooperation.


    2.  Follow Directions:  Please follow all verbal and written instructions; they    are there for your safety and your learning.  Safety is a number one    concern in the science classroom, so please follow directions.


    3.     Be Prepared and Don’t be Tardy:  Come to class prepared with all required materials and any other assigned objects.  Be in your seat with pencils sharpened before the bell rings. 


    4.  No food, drinks, gum, cell phones, iPods, or any other personal       electronic devices in the classroom:  Except water bottles.  If you don’t          want to get into trouble, keep them in your bag, or even better- at home!


    5.  Any misbehavior or inappropriate actions will be receiving consequences:            Keep your hands, arms, feet, and objects to yourself. Talk when     appropriate.  And follow directions.


    Absences and Other Policies:

    • Absences:  Please attend class everyday.  If you miss a class (or classes) due to an excused absence, you will need to make up the assignment.  All materials for missing assignments can be found on my class website.
    • Tardy Policy:  A tardy student disrupts instruction and student learning.  Therefore, the school tardy policy will be strictly followed. 
    • DON’T CHEAT! DO YOUR OWN WORK!  No credit will be given for work that is copied or for work that is loaned to another student to be copied.  Likewise, any work that is plagiarized will receive a zero and the student will be referred to administration.  Bottom Line: Do your own work and keep it to yourself.


    Grading Policy:

    ·        Grades will be assessed as follows:                          

                   90 to 100% = A

                80 to 89% = B

                70 to 79% =C

                60 to 69% =D

                Below 60%= F

    ·        ALL ASSIGNMENTS GIVEN ARE DUE ON TIME! NO late work is accepted unless there is an excused absence, and then the student has 2 days after his/her return to turn in missing work.  Assignments will be posted on the board in the classroom as well as on the class website.

    ·        Be Prepared!  Every student needs to have a binder with paper, a pen and pencil with them for every class.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep notes, assignments, lab protocols, and projects organized in their binder!  REMEMBER:  In High School there are finals, so keep organized and don’t throw anything away!


    Restroom Policy- Students will be allowed 3 restroom visits per semester.  The first visit is free.  The next 2 visits will cost 25 extra credit points each.  For example, if a student uses the restroom once during the semester, he/she will receive 50 points extra credit at the end of the semester. 



    If you or your parents have any questions at all about these policies and guidelines, please don’t be afraid to Recyclecontact me in person, over the phone, or through e-mail.  I am here to help make your learning of environmental science exciting and thoughtful.  I also hope to teach you knowledge and skills that you can draw from in your future, such as critical thinking, investigation, organization, teamwork, and accountability.
Last Modified on August 24, 2023