• Vista Murrieta High School

    Health Course Syllabus

    Mrs. Sammon


    Course Description:


    This course meets District and California State requirements for health and personal fitness. Students are presented with current research. The curriculum includes six major areas of health instruction:

    1. Body Systems
    2. Fitness and Nutrition
    3. Mental, Consumer, and  Social Health
    4. Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol
    5. Disease
    6. Sex Eduction


    Expectations Overview:


    The rules for behavior and grading are presented with the idea that all of my students will

    have the opportunity to be successful in Health this year.  The key to being successful is

    responsibility.  You will be responsible for your decisions that you make regarding your behavior

    and your academic success.  Your grade will reflect the decisions you have made to earn it.  I will

    do whatever I can do to help you master the concepts.  Your job is to give me your best and most

    consistent effort.  Together, we can make you successful in Health this year.


    Behavior Expectations:


    All the classroom rules are made with the following in mind: (1) Enforce school wide

    policies and (2) Make it easy for me to teach and easy for others around you to learn.


    1.      No food, drinks, gum, or hats are allowed in the classroom.

    2.      No electronic devices of any kind will be permitted.

    3.      Show respect for others and their property

    4.      Be in your seat and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.

    5.      Be prepared (pen/pencil, paper, section in notebook for health)


    Consequences will include verbal warning, being sent to a different room or to OCD,

    parent contact and possible classroom suspensions.  The order in which these consequences occur are left to the teacher’s discretion based on the severity of the students actions. You will be held responsible for your decisions about your behavior.


    Academic Expectations:


    Your job is to work to master the concepts of the given course that you are taking.  Your

    grade will be a reflection of your effort and your ability to master the concepts.  There has yet to

    be a student who has given their best effort that has not passed my class.  Your grade will be

    based on the total number of points that you attain at the end of each grading period.  Points will

    be earned on:  daily journal/warm-up, daily assignments/notes, quizzes/tests, projects, and class participation.

                Late work will not be accepted. In the case of an absence the student has the number of classes missed to make-up the assignments. Truant students will not be permitted to make up work and absences must be cleared with in two days of the absence in order for any make-up work to be counted. Many of the assignments will only be able to be completed if the student is present the day of the given assignment and therefore may be given an alternate assignment to make up the points.


    • It is the student’s responsibility to get any missing work due to an absence.
    • Cheating is unacceptable and will result in a zero on assignment or test and a possible classroom suspension.


    Grading Scale:                                   

    A   100-90

                                        B     89-80

                                        C     79-70

                                        D     69-60

                                        F     59 & Below


    Grade Make-Up: 60% Classwork/Homework, 40% Test.





    Miscellaneous Info:

               The best way to get in touch with me is through email at csammon@murrieta.k12.ca.us. I will respond as soon as possible. I look forward to working with your student this year. Please fill out the information below.



    I have read and understand the information in the course syllabus.


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