• Meet Mr. Martinelli

          He has been a high school teacher since 1993 teaching Mathematics and Economics.   He started at Rubidoux High school as the youngest teacher in Riverside County at 21 years old.  He moved to Calvary Chapel Murrieta where he taught for three years and then Perris .  Then in 2002, he was one of the inaugural staff members of Vista Murrieta. 

    He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Betta Kappa from the University of California at Riverside. Before starting his teaching career, he played basketball in the Philippines for six months.

    As a hobby, he has been writing short stories. He would write more often except there are three things that always get in his way. The first is his love of reading. He has read over 300 novels over the last ten years. Most of them have been science fiction, but occasionally he does branch out reading some classic English Lit. His second and third distractions to writing are his two boys. They are aged 14 and 15 (nine months apart) and he is often busy teaching them the fine arts of hitting a tennis ball or making a free throw. He does have dreams of living vicariously through them.

    He can add published author to his resume as his stories, "The Legend of Sohcatoa" and "As Easy as Pie" have been published at viatouch.com. $20 for 10000 hours equals around a penny an hour, but hey he's a pro now (Just don't tell the IRS).
    He published a collection of short stories and is currently working on a novel which he hopes to finish by 2017 or when he dies, whichever comes first.
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Last Modified on August 10, 2016