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    Hello and welcome to Mrs. Hipp's class. This site will help you navigate this class successfully. Please look at this site daily, as updates and helpful hints are posted frequently.  
    As you scroll through this site you will notice that I post hints and guides for essays, followed by due dates for each assignment, and documents are posted at the bottom.  
    Student Dialogue:  
    Need help with your Student Dialogue? Here's some hints:
    1. Begin by introducing the author, the genre of the essay and the title of the piece.
    2. Include a brief synopsis of the author's thesis and main points.
    3. Include three devices that you feel were best utilized: metaphors, ethos, anecdotes, etc. 
    4. Make sure it's 1 and half to 2 pages long.
    5. Include questions.
    6. Notice extra details like italicized words, hyphens, fragmented thoughts, etc. Those can help prove a point.
    7. Remember to use SOLLIDDD
    8. Works Cited
    Also: Please avoid plagiarism of any kind!
    Here's the template if you need help:
    Powerpoints, Citations and notes: See here
    Helpful Hints: 
    Do you need help with MLA formatting? Please go to the following links! They will provide all the information you need! Business Letter Format can be found here too! See the third link:
    To site lecture notes, please include the following:
    Works Cited:
    Lecturer Surname, First Name. "Lecture Title." Meeting or Class Name. Location of
    Lecture. Date of Lecture [Day Month Year]. Format.
    ex: Hipp, Sunny. Frankenstein Chapters 4-5. English IV. Vista Murrieta High School. 10 September 2013.
    To Site Maslow's Hierarchy:
    ex: Hipp, Sunny. Maslow's Hierarchy. English IV. Vista Murrieta High School. 10 September 2013.
    To Site Allegory of the Cave:
    ex. Mueller, Gilbert (2003). McGraw Hill Reader. Allegory of the Cave (451-454). New York, New York.
    (Hipp)-Lecture notes
    (Plato 451)-Allegory of the Cave
    Do you need to glance at these Annotation notes? If so, please click here: http://youthbuild.org/sites/default/files/extranet_content/2012/07/2781/Annotation%20Acronyms.pdf
    Make sure you write down the information for DUCATS and SOLLIDDD. You can use these any time we need to annotate. All annotations should be two post-its per page.
    Upcoming Dates:
    August 17th (B) and 18th (A): Have the following items for class: 
    1. Syllabus: Syllabus Expo (please have signed)
    2. Expo Task Sheet: Task Sheet 2016
    3. How to write a Student Dialogue: Student Dialogues
    4. Supplemental Reading Guide: Instructions for SR
    5. Vocabulary Unit One: Unit One
    6. Bucket List Essay: Bucket List Directions
    August 20th (A) and 21 (B)
    Bucket List Essay MLA, typed (directions on document)
    Group presentations 
    August 24th A/ 25th B:
    ITWand Frankenstein book Check
    Print out Starter Video Questions Frankenstein Starter Video Questions
    September 3rd A and 4th B:
    Read through chapters three of Frankenstein (including letters) Do two annotations per page OR 20 Dialectical Journals
    Quiz on Reading 
    September 1st A/ 2nd B:
    Student Dialogue: Stone Soup 

    Documents for class:
    MLA Shakespeare Guide:
     Tagore's 1996 Poem:
    Who are you reading curiously this poem of mine
    a hundred years from now
    Shall I be able to send to you
    --steeped in the love of my heart--
    the faintest touch of this spring morning's joy,
    the scent of a flower,
    a bird-song's note,
    a spark of today's blaze of color
    a hundred years from now?
    Yet, for once, open your window on the south
    and from your balcony
    gaze at the far horizon.
    Then, sinking deep in fancy think of the ecstatsies of joy
    that came floating down
    from some far heaven of bliss
    to touch the heart of the world
    a hundred years ago;
    think of the young spring day
    wild, impetuous and free;
    and of the south wind
    --fragrant with the pollen of flowers--
    rushing on restless wings to paint the earth
    with the radiant hues of youth
    a hundred years before your day.
    And think, how his heart aflame,
    his whole being rapt in song,
    a poet was awake that day
    to unfold like flowers
    his myriad thoughts
    with what wealth of love!--
    one morning a hundred years ago.
    A hundred years from now
    who is the new poet singing his songs to you?
    Across the years I send him
    the joyous greetings of this spring.
    May my song echo for a while,
    on your spring day, in the beating of your heart,
    in the murmur of bees,
    in the rustling of leaves,--
    a hundred years from today.
    February 1896

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