• Here I am in Italy!
    Hello everyone! I am an English teacher at Vista Murrieta High School. I am in my 13th year of teaching and currently teach CSU Expo, Cinema as Literature, and English IV. I attended UC Irvine in 1998, earning my Bachelor's Degree in English in 2001. I continued to pursue education in earning my teaching credential in 2003 at Long Beach State University. I am slowly earning my Master Degree as well through Cal Baptist University. I love learning and I hope my enthusiasm for it rubs off on others! You will find that I am a bit animated and I usually have an extra surplus of energy; I believe it helps keep students awake and anticipating what the next moment of class will offer! I am an avid lover of running, dancing and writing. I would go insane without my daily run--it's a fun and healthy exercise! More about me later...
    This is my favorite ride at Disneyland! Okay, so in addition to running, my favorite ride at Disneyland is the Buzz Lightyear Laser ride! I've never had so much fun! You should also consider noticing the precision I shoot with...too cool!
    Hipp and Shaffer at the VaticanMr Hipp and I went to Italy and toured the Vatican! What a majestic place. So much history!
    Our Wedding Day Over the summer of 2009, I got married! We danced the night away and Mr. P was our DJ! Also, the majestic "Ring Bear" greeted us!
    Ring Bear
    On November 15th, 2011, my husband and I welcomed Indiana Sunshine Hipp into our lives! Here she is:
    Baby Indy
     Here's another pic:
    Obey my mom!
     Recent pics of Le Pudge (our term of endearment for her):
    Playing in the grass   I am cute!
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