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    Our school library is more than just books.  It is a learning hub with a full range of print and electronic media that support student achievement.  These resources include books, magazines, e-books, computers, databases and more, while supporting your student with a sense of community and a place where they belong! 




    Home Access to Materials and Databases has never been easier!

    Beginning with Destiny Discover our schools library cataloge we now have a QR code that can be scanned for quick access to view what is available in print or e-book to your student in the library.  Office 365 has given students access to their own files from home or any location with a computer, internet and WiFi.  Students can use the on line data bases for research, information or just to broaden their knowledge.

    Link is provided below. 

    Click on and open for a complete outline of Databases:





    Destiny Discover

     Select school site, Vista Murrieta High School.  Search by title, author, or series to find out if it is available.  E- books can be checked out using SORAapp.com with your students nine digit number and password. 





    Here for you!


     What Is Information Literacy?

    "The Ability to:

    1.  Determine the nature and extent of the information needed.

    2.  Access needed infromation effectively and efficiently

    3.  Evaluate information and it's sources critically and incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base.

    4.  Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.

    5.  Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and access and use information ethically and legally" 


    Why Do We Continue to Invest in Books When Students Have the Internet?

    Our Students need both if they are to learn and achieve.  We teach our kids to be readers at a young age and as they mature we would like them to love reading!  The love of reading imporves their reading level, builds their vocabulary and expands their awareness of the world.  At all times hoping that they absorb  some content.  We are all aware of Fake information in the world, not everything that is on Google is correct.  The same is true with printed information, newspapers, magazines and even beloved books.  But we need for students to learn to balance the information.  As they factor in the different view points and  determine a view point to be reliable or bias this process is not a science.  Books are the corner stone  of education and are required to build a well rounded student.   



    Evaluating Web Sites 

    The World Wide Web offers information and data from all over the World.  Because so much information is available and because that information can appear to be  fairly "annonymous", it is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what is found.  When using a research or academic library, the information has been evaluted by scholars, publishers and librarians. Making the information found 99% more accurate.  Remembering that anyone can write a Web page, documents of the widest range of quality,  written by authors of the widest range of authority are available.  In evaluating a website, these are some questions that should be asked:

    1. Is the site sponsored by a group or organization?  If it is sponsored by a group or company, does the group advocate a certain philosophy?  Try to find and read "About Us" or similar information.

    2.Is there any bias evident on the site?  Is the site trying to sell a product?  Ask why the page was put on the web.

    3. Is there a date on the website?  Is it sufficiently up-to-date?  Undated factual or statistical information should not be used: question where it came from.

    4. How credible and authentic are the links to other resources?  Are the links evaluated or annotated in any way?  

     world wide



    Ideas that may Encourage your Teen to Read!

    1. Set an example.  Let your kids see you reading for pleasure.

    2. Make sure your home has a varity of reading materials.  Leave books, magazines, and newspapers around.  Check to see what disappears for a clue to what interests your teen.

    3. Give teens an opportunity to choose their own books.  When you and your teen go out together, browse in a bookstore or library.  Go you seperate ways and make your own selections.  

    4. Build on your teen's interest.  Look for books and articles that feature their favorite sports teams, hobbies, or TV shows.  Give a gift certificate to a special interest magazine.

    5.  View pleasure reading as a value in itself.  Almost anything your teenager reads - including a text message or Sunday Comics - helps builds reading skills.

    love to read  


Last Modified on November 15, 2021