Dear Parents,

                Welcome back to school here at Vista Murrieta High School.  This letter is to inform you of the expectations I have for your son or daughter in their Economics class.

                Here is a list of classroom rules in addition to the rules of the school.

    1. No talking without the teacher’s permission.
    2. Come to class prepared and ready to work.
    3. Remain seated unless you have permission to do otherwise.
    4. Respect one another and each other’s property.
    5. No eating, drinking or chewing gum in class.


    Should a student choose to disobey the rules, the following consequences will be in effect for minor infractions.  Major infractions such as swearing, fighting or defiance will lead to instant referrals.

    1. Name on the board, which is a warning
    2. Check by name, which is a fifteen minute detention to be served at break, lunch or after school.
    3. Two checks, half hour detention plus a phone call home and/or a referral.


    This Economics class will be intensive as 17 chapters are covered in the course text: Economics, Principles in Action by Prentice Hall.

    Grade Breakdown:


    Notebook and Journal              10%

    Current Events              10%

    Stock Market Project               10%

    Quizzes                                   10%

    Homework                               10%

    Chapter tests                            40%

    Final Exam                               10%


    Your child should already be quite familiar with the classroom rules, procedures, and supplies, but all of these need to be reinforced by the parents in order for your child to benefit as much as possible from school.  I encourage your parental involvement in your child's education.  If you have any questions please call me at the school.



    Matthew Martinelli





    I have received a copy of Mr. Martinelli's discipline plan and Grade Breakdown for this year.


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Last Modified on August 22, 2011