• Inclusive Peer Mentoring 

    MVUSD has one of our comprehensive high schools, VMHS, and all four middle schools teaching Inclusive Peer Mentoring. VMHS has 43 mentors supporting 31 students during 44 periods in 22 different courses across the campus. Mentors support students in the following courses:

    • AFJROTC  
    • ASL I  
    • Art  
    • Biology Essentials  
    • Ceramics 
    • Dance I  
    • Drama   
    • Earth Science Essentials
    • English Essentials
    • Environmental Science
    • Fitness Lab
    • Foods
    • History Essentials
    • Intro to World Language
    • Law Enforcement 
    • Math Essentials II 
    • Rec/Life
    • Spanish I
    • Transitional Math
    •  US History
    •  Video Gaming
    •  World History Essential

    Many students utilize mentors in multiple periods and several mentors support more than one buddy in a class period.  
    Between the four middle schools, we have 42 mentors supporting 34 students from within and outside of foundation classes. Middle school mentors support students in the following courses: 
    1.    Unified Art 
    2.    English Essentials 
    3.    English Basic 
    4.    Science 
    5.    Drama 
    6.    Foundations classes 
    End of Year Culminating Project 
    At the end of the year, the buddies (mentor and mentee) present a culminating project together. This project (iMovie, PowerPoint, poster, scrapbook, etc.) highlights the amazing things the buddies have done in class together over the course of the year. Both buddies present their project together in a colloquium style presentation evening. This evening is open to families of the mentees and mentors, teachers, administrators, and district personnel.  This is a JOYOUS night of celebration! 

  • Our DMMS Peer Mentoring rocks!


    Ms. Huth and Ms. Nelson are teaching student mentors how to effectively support their peers in the classroom.



Last Modified on November 30, 2023